Friday, August 27, 2010

Happiness! By OC

Since that last fight several months ago, in May, Grammy has made it a rule that I am never to be allowed in the same open area as that “Absence of Light” or AOL dog!

I guess I really scared Grammy. I got pretty chewed up that time, and she still cries when she looks at the pictures. Actually I was hurt by Mercy who got mixed up and attacked me because Grammy was holding AOL down and yelling at ME to get back and no one else was home to help her.

(Grammy: For those who don’t know, OC is talking about Sadie, our Border Collie. OC has a MAJOR problem with her. She really brings out the “Green-eyed Jealousy Monster” in OC.

When in OC’s presence, AOL is the name we use because OC has a barking fit if we even say Sadie’s name out loud. OC is the one who attacks Sadie, who only fights to protect herself.)

Our house is built in a way that makes it fairly easy to keep that other dog out of MY area.

I usually have the bedrooms, hallway, and part of the living room that they have fenced off so that I can be in beside Grammy when she is on the computer, while AOL has the kitchen (which allows her to go outside) and the rest of the living room, because, apparently, Grammy likes her.

When I have to go outside, AOL gets shut into the living room, and the hall door is opened into the kitchen so that I can go out.

Sometimes, I get depressed and sad being locked up all the time…

When Grammy notices that I am really mopey, she will sometimes let me come out into the living room and sit on Papa’s lap so that I am, once again, a part of the family! That always makes me so HAPPY!

Ahhhhhhh....Queen of my Domain again!


^..^Corgidogmama said...

Those pics tell the story so well! How in the world did Grammy catch those facial expressions???

Mango said...

I feel kind of sad for poor old Sadie. She is just trying to get along living with all you short leggers. Deosn't look like you are suffering too much.


Angela said...

That is just soooooo funny to see all of those different facial expressions you make! BOL!!!! I hope Grammy knows when you are trying to pull a fast one over on her!

Gotta love the fact that all of your kids are grown up but you still have to use the baby gates! hehehe Reminds me of when I had my chihuahua. We had an old play pen that we put her in to try to keep her in that when we left for a long day one time. When we came home she had climbed out! She was a great escape artist! lol I then bought a baby gate to keep her in the laundry area and she escaped that too! She was a real climber!

Have a Great Weekend! Wonder what kind of adventure the corgi kids will get into!


That corgi :) said...

love the pictures where OC looks like she is smiling, she looks adorable. what a cute way to tell the story, but sorry that OC can't get along with AOL (Sadie). Too funny too that you had to resort to another name to refer to Sadie since it upsets OC so much. But very wise for you, Linda, to do this to keep everyone safe at your household

have a good weekend! I hope it cools down!


mayziegal said...

Oh, OC! I just luvs your happy, smiling face! I know sometimes it's not easy to be furends with EVERYbuddy. My mom always says that she doesn't like every single pawson she meets. So why are we expected to like every single doggie WE meet? Humans are silly sometimes.

Wiggles & Wags,

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Mayzie is furry furry smart!


Bella the Westie said...

Aww sorry to hear that you two don't get along.
You look very cute and happy in the last photo :)

Love, Bella & Ollie.

Anonymous said...

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Keep up the fantastic work!

Kari in WeHo said...

I am sure hoping you too get your pack dynamics straightened out :)

Chatty Crone said...

Gee, I feel kind of sad for her all locked up away from the others. sandie

JP - The Mistress of Corgi Manor said...

OC, you sweet little sugar! People just forget that to a corgi, everything belongs to them.

To Sadie - Yes, our cattle dog/cardigan mix Parker seems resigned to the fact that Pembroke Bennie is just a bossy bit of work.

Love to all and to the people who love them and have to sort it all out! Great pictures.

achieve1dream said...

Poor OC! What an evil border collie. :) I'm glad you didn't get hurt though.