Sunday, October 17, 2010

Silent Saturday… Almost

Look at what GrandPaw Robert made for/of us…




 Pippin, Gimli & BG

We also heard on Facebook, that our little friend, Twinkie Tiny Dog, is feeling poorly and not eating, so if you would all please send prayers, crossed paws, and healing thoughts for her, we would appreciate it.


Martha and Bailey said...

Oh we wish we had clever humans! Or even one clever human.......! Those pumpkin corgis are pawesome.
We are really sorry to hear that Twinkie is not feeling well and will go visit.
love and kisses
Martha and Bailey xxxx

Mango said...

Those are so festive. Hope they don't scare any of those tricks and treats kids away.


Piappies World said...

Wow! Wish we could have those. They're really pawesome!

Looks like you will be getting lots of treats this Halloween!


Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai & Wai-Max

Kari in WeHo said...

Those are beautiful pumpkins!


Peanut said...

Aw! Those paintings are wonderful! How do you make them????

That corgi :) said...

so very cute!! you all are just so talented Linda!


Lorenza said...

Pawesome pumpkins!
Paws crossed here for Twinkie!
Happy Sunday!
Kisses and hugs

Anonymous said...

Heehee! Those are some super great pumpkins, for sure!

And thank you for telling us abouts Twinkie. We'll make sure and go tell her that we're thinking about her.

Wiggles & Wags,

JP - The Mistress of Corgi Manor said...

Corgi country! You are truly brilliant folks who know the meaning and joy of life.
Must admit, I thought Coal Black 7 the Dwarves was untoppable (real word? who knows?)
But these are pure preciousness! Made me exclaim out loud about their utter coolness. So glad we know you!
Julie, Parker, Bennie and everyone from Bark Of Love

Rose said...

the pumpkins are cute, but do they bark? sorry to hear that their little friend is sick. hope he gets better. rose

Chatty Crone said...

Oh I really love those pumpkins and I do wonder how he did that.

And prayers for their little friend.

Love you,

Chatty Crone said...

Oh I really love those pumpkins and I do wonder how he did that.

And prayers for their little friend.

Love you,

Angela said...

Those are just too cute Linda! Robert did a wonderful job with them! Sweet!

Have a Wonderful Week!

ClassyChassy said...

Corgi Pumpkins??? So PAWSOME!

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Furry talented paws!

AND tasty tasty pumpkins too!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this link, but argg it seems to be down... Does anybody have a mirror or another source? Please reply to my message if you do!

I would appreciate if a staff member here at could repost it.


Sugar the Golden Retriever said...

Woof! Woof! Very Cute ... and what a great job. That sure a talent. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar