Friday, February 18, 2011

A Country Corgi’s Day…

This morning started out with a mail run for me and Mercy. Dad (Robert) lets us go with him when he goes down to get the mail because we listen to him even when those neighbor dogs come out and yell nasty things at us.  We get a bit excited...

First, of course, we must leave peemail…  and do a quick check on the enemy's position...

Then we head down the drive to the mailbox… 

Double check the position of the enemy… 

Ooooo! Check out that double rainbow! 

Wow! The grain hay our neighbor planted for us is starting to sprout! 

After GrandPaw got the mail, we noticed some kind of critter – probably a ground squirrel or chipmunk- had a new hole in the dirt by the driveway… 

It’s still in there! I’ll get it! 

I’m going in! 

Mom! GrandPaw is calling us. We’d better get going. 

Daaaadddd… I wasn’t finished yet!

Dad… I am NOT happy with you calling us in before I caught that critter! 

I’m going to go chew on a rawhide and pretend IT’S the critter!

Later, we went out back so Dad could let Cory out of his pen. 

Tuffy had been up the hill grazing, and came charging down when he saw Cory loose!

Pip got in his way and got his foot stepped on! He was really lucky he wasn’t hurt badly, but he tucked and rolled as Tuffy thundered over him. Grammy checked for broken bones and didn't find any, so she put frozen Otter Pops around his leg and wrapped it. She held him for about an hour, wrapped in a blanket, to keep him from getting shocky since he was shivering. After he settled, he went in and laid on the bed for several hours, then chewed off the bandage that held those frozen things on his leg and just barely has a limp now.

This evening, while Grammy was getting ready to hang up Papa’s work clothing in the little closet in the living room, she got a surprise. Apparently a country critter decided that it’s been to cold to stay outside, so it came in and decided to stay in the closet for a while. SURPRISE!

Grammy double checked it’s tail and then decided that it could stay since it will take care of any mice that might decide to live in that closet. 

Well, have a good day! We did! Except, maybe, Grammy...


Rudy - The dog with a blog said...

We are glad to hear you had a wonderful day, and what lovely pictures!

Rudy's Raiser

Angela said...

Looks like a fun morning for the corgi's! I would had freaked if I found a snake in my closet in the house! You truly are an animal lover!

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

That corgi :) said...

always an adventure at your house Linda!! I can't imagine having that snake in the closet and among the hangars like that! you are a brave woman to share quarters with it! too cute about the peemail, we say Koda does the same thing too as he sniffs at places he's been before :)

take care of yourself


Kari in WeHo said...

Beautiful rainbow! I hope it signifies a great start to the weekend


Mango said...

EEEEE! Snake in the closet! That is too scary! Poor Grammy.

You two sure are energetic all bopping each other on the head on your way to the mailbox.