Sunday, February 26, 2012

Papa’s Tribute to Grandma OC (as told to Pippin)

OC, or Ornery Cuss, earned her name by the way she treated her brother as a puppy, and she lived up to it her entire life.  (She's the one on the left of her Mama, Mist) As a puppy, she was taken to Grammy’s Special Needs class, and showed great potential as a service dog from the way she acted around the kids, so we decided to raise her, and then donate her to a Helper Dog Group that used a Corgi  in their Logo.  We contacted them, but they only took large breeds, and since, by then she had wormed her way into our lives and hearts, we decided to keep her.

OC loved “road trips” where Papa, Grammy, and her Momma, Misty, would take long trips over the summer in the 18 wheeler that Papa drove going to Arizona, Nevada, Utah and Northern California.  She missed these trips after Papa got a local job, but still went everywhere in the car with her people.

Two years ago, she got to go on her last “Big Truck Road Trip,” as Papa’s company built a trailer for overseas, and Papa got to take it to Jacksonville, Florida to be shipped.  

She spent 10 days going coast to coast in a Big Rig with a Walk-In sleeper, with Grammy, Papa, her son BG and two grandsons, Gimli and me (Pippin).   All her other trips had been in a truck with just a sleeper berth.   

She got to “lay over” in Houston, Texas, on the way back, when Grammy and Papa visited with their grandkids.
The Lord knew what He was doing when He allowed us to keep OC, as she did become a Helper/Service dog for Grammy.   After Grammy was injured at work and had to retire, OC worked at picking up and fetching when Grammy could not.  She also herded the goats for them until an old billy goat crushed her against a wall and hurt her hips.

During her last years, this caused her to be in a “wheelchair” that Grammy’s son, Robert, built out of P V C pipe and Rollers. With this, she could still run around the property with the rest of us doing “squirrel patrol,” which meant checking every place where something could hide and then chasing it if something came out.

Her last months, when she could not even walk in her wheelchair, were spent keeping track of Grammy and the other people she loved, laying on a bed near them, always watching everything with her “bright eyes. “   

She also loved going camping in the Travel Trailer, with all the new places to smell and dogs to bark at, while still being with her loved ones.

She really enjoyed her last trip with us when she got to go to her first Corgi Picnic.  This was my tribute to you, OC girl.   I will miss your head on my leg on trips…  Papa (as told to Pippin—Papa’s Pup)


jacko said...

Your so blessed to have a happy family and paw friends like them :)

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chicamom85 said...

Thank you so much for this post. Mommys eyes are wet. We both love all of you so much. Mommy remembers very well when the newest members were born and was so happy that Gimli stayed with you, as that was her favorite at first, but of course she loves you all. I think it is amazing how Robert made those zoomy wheels for Mama OC to help her. I know she is running free now without those wheels and playing with all her pals.

Loveys Sasha and Anne

ocmist said...

Sasha and Anne, we are so grateful to you, and so many other friends we've made over the years, for the love everyone has shown us. Papa was just hurting so bad and he wanted to share OC's part of HIS heart, too. The Country Corgis busy loving their people...and being loved by them.

Mango said...

What beautiful words for a grand lady.


Chatty Crone said...

A wonderful tribute to a wonderful dog. Made me sad though. This is the thing - we get so much love and joy from our furry kids - so sad when they die - but would you give up the joy? love ya, sandie

^..^Corgidogmama said...

I'm so sorry...I just read this post, and didn't realize about Mama OC. Looking at the date, I see that we lost our Jake, three weeks later. Lordy, I still cry as I'm sure you all do too. Those little rascals get into our hearts forever. Just wish that they had longer lives. But..I feel, they knew that they were loved to pieces while here!