Friday, December 4, 2009

The Next Day… (Workin’ on Grammy Cont. by Pippin)

The next day, the sky peed a lot… Grammy calls it “Rain.” OK!! I guess it “RAINED” a lot. We woke up Grammy wif with VERY muddy feet!

She says we are her “Corgi Alarm Clock!”

We played for a few minutes on the bed, but then Grammy said she had to get up… (By the way, Sasha, that toy you gave us is STILL our favorite, though it has had to be repaired a few times.)

GrandPaw went out to work on our obstacle course, which he was making out of Mama Dott’s Lookout. He had already made it much safer so Mama wouldn’t get hurt again. They said they will do a post about making it later.

He had let us run on it a bit, but was afraid it wasn’t safe enough to let us play on it whenever we wanted.

When he would come in, he would take down the ramps so we couldn’t get on it unless he was right there watchin us…

It’s been a lot of fun to play on, and we begged him to fix it so that we could play on it whenever we wanted.

So, that day, he went out and fixed several things on it, and then he put a net over the whole run so that we CAN’T fall off of the high run parts!

Grammy went out and helped him a little bit when he was almost finished… thought of some extra safety features…

After they were finished, they went around to the front yard to turn on the water to the back so Grammy could go out and water and feed the horses. She was thrilled to see this rainbow in the sky! It wasn’t a whole one, but it WAS a double one. She said it was another “God Smile” for her. They ARE kind of pretty!

Grammy sold one of her pictures of Mama Dott on Ebay. It was done from one of the photos in Mama’s book, and is from when she was sad. She was kind of happy about that.

We hope Grammy will be able to finish getting some of the vids of us on our obstacle course finished for next time… You should see us speeding around! It's a BLAST!!!


ClassyChassy said...

Congrats on your picture sale!!! Did you set up a shop on ebay? That is so cool - any plans for more listings???

Freya's Human said...

OH it looks like a great day! Freya loves it when it rains and she loves to dig. Needless to say she is completely muddy. If girl dogs are supposed to be cleaner, as they say, she definitely is outside of standard. The next day, her kennel has piles of dirt from where it was in her coat.

Congrats on your sale!

That corgi :) said...

I like how you put the safety nets up on the obstacle course Linda; it would be like a corgi to get excited and get too close to the edge; I bet they do enjoy playing on it

cool that you sold a painting!!


Laurie said...

The obstacle course looks awesome!! Sadie would love one of those!

Dory and the Mama said...

Wow Pippin, things have been busy at your place!!

We loved the God Smiles...very beautiful!!!


^..^Corgidogmama said...

Wow! Linda, what better way to wake up in the morning than being smothered, literally in corgi paws and kisses?
Congrats on your sale. Those "kids" love you to pieces, don't they? What a grand day for them, such adventure!

Mango said...

That looks like one of those hamster houses only corgi sized.

Your poor grammy getting attacked by corgis. I hope she survived.


P.S. Momma would not even let me look at that painting because she said I might slobber on it. She took it right to the frame store.

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

That looks like khwite the fun way to wake up!

Tank woo fur sharing all the news from your world!

The rainbow pikh made us smile too!


Angela said...

Congratulations on selling a painting on ebay! Love the picture of the Double Rainbow! I don't think I've ever seen one in person before.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Twix said...

There is nothing better than having God smile at you. Mom said being woke up by a bunch of puppies would certainly make her smile. You kids just keep gettin bigger and bigger. You will be grown ups before long.