Monday, December 7, 2009

Treasure Hunt…by Gimli

NOTE from Grammy:  We have been warned that there will be a BIG storm over most of this week and they are saying lots of rain and even snow - which is a once every 4-5 year thing usually. Anyway, our telephone wiring is not in great shape and when it gets really wet it often won't let us online, so if we disappear this next week, THAT is why. Maybe THIS time, they will decide to run new wiring like they've told us they should for the past 4-5 years!!!

Guess WHAT!!! We got to go on a TREASURE HUNT!!!

Da man wit the dress thingy (chaps), came again today to chew on the horse’s feet with these big clipper things.

He spit out little chunks on the ground, and after he left, Grammy and GrandPaw let us all out so we could do a treasure hunt and find dem.

Boy! Was WE excited when dey FINALLY let us out!!!

We ranned all ober the place looking, but den we noticed dat Grandma OC, Mama Dot, Unca BG, and Auntie Sadie had found a bunch of dem, so we ranned ober and found ourselves some, too!

We all got some little chunks… Talk about TASTY!!!

Den we went out and runned on the hills and in da BIG dich.

Grandma OC got real tired, so we had to go in.

We checked all the horse apple patches and when I was doin dat in old Cory’s pen, Grammy called us to go in.

I came runnin like I’s supposed to, and, you know what?

Somebody’d dug a hole and filled it wit water! (Dey said dey do that to soak Cory’s feet cause dey are to hard for da man to cut if dey don’t)

I didn’t know that dey had done dat, and next ting I knowed, I was chest deep in water! Akshully, it was kinda fun, but Grammy and GrandPaw didn’t seem to think so!

Don’t know what’s der problem cause it dries and falls off after awhile anyways…

(Grammy: Oh, Gimli.... I'm ready to teach you a NEW word.... it's BATH!)


ClassyChassy said...

OH BOY - HORSE HOOVES!!! Ya know, if my girls get hold of the trimmings, they get the 'trots' for two days - and it's not a pretty sight! I have to pick up all the trimmings when the farrier is finished with his work, or ELSE!!!

Mango said...

Fresh chew hooves! Fantastic!

Good luck in the storm. We lost power during our first snow storm last weekend and momma snuggled me to steal my heat.


Freya's Human said...

I hope the storm doesn't hit you guys too hard.

We love treasure hunts! You guys are all so cute:D.

MAX said...

Life is so full of fun, isn't it!?!
Thanks for a very cute post! Horsey hooves....would never have thought of that!

ocmist said...

Mmmm... I wonder if it's something in the ground or area that causes problems for your pooches, Monica? Ours have always eaten the hoof trimmings and never had a problem. Oh, one time, many years ago, there was a lot of frog during a winter trim... real wet- and there was a bit of a problem there, but usually ours are so very dry that they are almost as hard as antler chews.

Dory and the Mama said...

I am still smiling from just seeing that cute Corgi pack come a runnin'!

That corgi :) said...

oh no Gimli! the dreaded "b" bath word!!! cute story you told; I hope we don't lose you, Linda, with the weather ahead. We had lots of rain today with tons of wind


Twinkietinydog said...

Knock, knock! I saw horses and entered. Hope that's okay. I'm a huge horse lover, um, actually I'm a tiny horse lover. Oops.
Nice to meet y'all