Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sadie... By BG

Dott has been so busy, that she said that I could do our blog today, and I thought I’d tell you about Sadie’s reaction to the Mango Minster 2010.

At first, she told me that it sounded kind of interesting, but she KNEW that OC would never let her enter, and would probably put her busy doing something that would give her little time to even think about it, like cleaning out the woodstove and hauling out the cinders…

Then, she saw Mango fly in, and when she found out that he had invited OC to go to his estate and be a Judge for the Show, she started thinking that at least she would get a break from constantly being watched, and sort of get a vacation from all the work that OC keeps assigning her.

She tried not to show it to much, so as not to irritate OC, but she was getting a little excited when she was told that she would have to help take all of OC’s luggage and stuff to the airplane when it got here.

She could hardly wait for that plane to land, on the day they told us they were coming for Mama OC, and she found it really hard not to grin from ear to ear! Finally the Big Guy’s plane arrived, and she hauled the luggage down the driveway.

After Mama was gone, Sadie went cracker dog for a few minutes, and jumped around for joy! She wanted to play, but I wasn’t to sure that it would be appropriate for me to celebrate having Mama leave.

THEN, Sadie got the idea that MAYBE there would be a way for her to enter into Mango Minster 2010! Apparently, she'd been dreaming about it for a while.

She talked to me about it, and I told her that I didn’t know about that, because she is a Border Collie, and that makes her a herding dog, and since Mama OC is going to be judging THAT group, she wouldn’t stand a chance!

She asked about the other classes… what they were and who was judging them, so I told her. There is the Hounds Class with Martha and Bailey judging… The Cat Dog (Cats that think they are dogs) Class being judged by Khyra … and The Sporty Dogs (Good Sports or love sports) being judged by Moose. There are also The Non-Sporty Dogs (Bad sports, grouchy, etc.) and Sadie made a rather snide comment about who ought to enter THAT class… That class is being judged by Ike. The Cracker Dog Insane Terriers (CDIT) Class is being judged by Norwood, and last, but not least, the Hard Working Dogs Class, which is being judged by Tula. I also explained that the last Class was dependent on who won the other classes, and that Asta would be judging that one, which is called the “Best In Show.”

She thought about that for a little while and THEN came up with the idea to enter herself into the WORKING DOG Group! She has a point there, because she is one HARD WORKING dog around here! She used to work with the goats for Mom, and still works to put the horses where Mom wants them …

She baby sits the pups, and BELIEVE ME, when ALL three gang up on you, THAT is HARD WORK!!!

She does a LOT of the cleaning, and she helps bring in wood for the woodstove,

She is able to pick up a lot of the stuff that Mom needs picked up that is just too big and heavy for me to pick up, too.

She had a point, so I told her that I would help her get her entry together and sent in. I just HOPE that Mama OC will speak to me when she comes home, and that I won’t get into TO much trouble!


dewdana said...

Very hard working! Just look at her carrying all that luggage to the plane! Good luck Sadie!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Sadie is such a worker bee, I mean border collie!
Great Mango has real connections...what an airline!

Kari in WeHo said...

I think she is a very hard working dog so that is the right group!

Dory and the Mama said...

We think that you work ever so hard Sadie and definitely belong in Mango Minster in the Hard Working Dogs category!!!


Martha and Bailey said...

Yes, Sadie, you must enter - we think you should all enter!
Those were some great photos and we laughed at the video!
We are not too sure what to pack to tell you the truth so welcome any girlie tips on the subject.
We did ask Mango about the dress code for evenings but all we know is we need clothes.....
Thankfully we have asked Asta to help as our mum is useless and we haven't a thing to wear!
Martha & Bailey xx

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Good WORK Sadie!

Woo so show woo have the right stuff!

Best of lukhk to woo!


Mango said...

What a most excellent adventure. My jet is HUGE! I am so excited the long suffering Miss Sadie will be entering. I cannot wait to see her photo.


Twinkietinydog said...

Glad you gave Dot a break. As for the little carry on, Sadie's pulling, I was wondering if a pair of Mango socks would fit in it.

Lorenza said...

Sadie sure belongs to the Hard Working Dogs category!
I love her video carrying the luggage!
Good luck!
Kisses and hugs

Alicia said...

LOL...I love the one of her with the luggage!! Too cute!

Twix said...

Good luck to you Sadie! You are such a hard worker you deserve to win. I have been thinking of entering but I'm not sure yet.