Monday, June 7, 2010

Ventura Road Trip… By Pippin

Note from Grammy:  This morning I realized that my foreign friends would not be able to use Google Translator to translate the picture captions in this post.  For that I am very sorry, so decided I'd better repost Pippin's story with the captions above the pictures.  My English readers can still read the picture captions if they want and let me know if you get more of a feel of being with Pip on his adventure... 
Grammy and Papa DID get to go to Ventura on Friday morning, and Grandma OC and I got to go with them! 
Let's get this show on the road, Papa!
Mmm... Sausage Biscuit for Breakfast on the way up...
Ventura, Here we come!  Look at that pretty purple on the hill...
Pretty purple flowers on the mountain going toward L.A.
Finally we got to the La Quinta Hotel in Ventura...
Look where the magic room took us...  3rd Floor?
This is a really NEAT room here at the La Quinta!  (We ALWAYS stay at La Quinta Hotels because they LOVE pets and allow two to a room!)
Ahhhh...  No Sadie!
What a WONDERFUL roaching rug!
Air Conditioning!  Is THIS cool, or what!?
SEE, Grammy... Isn't it NICE with no Sadie around?         NO GATE!  I'm FREE!
He LEFT us here...  Papa had to go to one of those "Jobs."

Ahhh... THIS is the LIFE!

IS it...!?  Is that PAPA I hear !!!

I want to play, Papa!

HA, HA, HA!!!  Quit tickling, Papa!

So MUCH FUN, Papa...  I'm ready for a nap!

High 5 Dad!  Dinner's a GREAT idea!
Grammy, Is Papa EVER coming back?!!

Finally, he got back and we had dinner and then went to bed. In the morning…
OPEN... OPEN... Come ON, DAD!!! I want BREAKFAST!
Yummy! Waffles, hard-boiled egg, Yogurt… 
Grammy... What's a Jacuzzi?  Why couldn't I go with Papa?

What's that BIG dog doing?   WOOF!!!

Hey, Mr. Rottwieler... Watch IT!  There are TWO of us corgis!

So... THIS is a beach?

Well... Are we going to get out there?

We spent a little time at the beach...  Hmm. Seagull?  What's a Seagull, Papa?

Hmm... What's down in here...  Snort, sniff, kick dirt...

What a HUGE, noisy caterpillar!

After we left the beach, we started home, going through Ojai. We hoped to see Gracie, but they were out of town… (This was such a last minute trip, we didn't have time to call ahead...) The Highway through the mountains was very pretty though…
Beautiful mountain flowers all along a long stretch of the road...

Little Waterfall in Mountains on drive home...
Beautiful Yucca Plants flowering

The "Badlands" taken from the top of the Mountain on Hwy 33...
Finally we got home…
Mercy:  Don't know why I couldn't go... :(

Gimli:  Grammy, You LEFT me... We need to talk!

UNCA BG!!!   I MISSED You!!!                 Ok... OK, Kid... Get OUT of my MOUTH!
 (Notice Dott's just NOT speaking to us... )
YUCK!     Puppy Spit!!!


Sam and Pippen said...

What a great adventure you went on! I don't think we'd like the huge caterpiller...

Sam and Pippen

Ruby and Penny said...

Hi Corgis
What a great adventure. You got to go to the beach. How cool.
Thanks for sharing all the beautiful scenery. We really enjoyed it.
Love Ruby & Penny
Pees - We won Pippin's Peeking #2. Thanks for the badge.

Dory and the Mama said...

Wow, it was like we were THERE!! What a wonderful trip, thanks so much for sharing it with us!!!

Smileys and Snuggles!
Dory, Bilbo and Jacob

That corgi :) said...

what a cute adventure for Pippin and OC! I'm sure both Sadie and OC enjoyed the time apart and freedom! the beach looks great; bet it was nice and cool there, Linda!!

sounds like a wonderful time for you all :)


ClassyChassy said...

Seems like they enjoyed themselves - what a great place to stay - Corgi Friendly!!! Love the scenery too - I'd never get tired of the blue skies!

Anonymous said...

Haha! Puppy spit! Teehee!

Gosh, that looked like a Most Wonderful and Exciting trip. Oh, don't you just luvs staying in a hotel? You did a great job roaching on that hotel rug!

Had you ever ever beens to a beach before? Were you skeered? It sure looks awfully BIG! And watery.

Thank you, thank you for taking me along on your Big Adventure! I luved it!

Wiggles & Wags,

rose said...

looks like a great trip. very cute photos and captions. rose

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Great khaptions!

Mom has khwite the America earworm!


Deborah said...

That was a great trip! It is beautiful in California, I have been there in years. I loved the catepillar, that was cute!
It's nice to bring your dogs on vacation, we always have a doggy nanny come and stay with them. We have to many to board and Mr. Chips couldn't handle the stress of it!

Chatty Crone said...

Man I have to get home to take a rest. We haven't stopped for a day.

Ventura looks beautiful.

California ia huge and beautiful and so much to do and the weather is awesome. We are going to Hollywood!

I miss you.