Monday, August 24, 2009

Beware What You Wish For!!

We went to visit this Corgi website: and found this joke. It was just to cute not to pass on!!!

Close to an obedience ring at a dog show, a terrier was tossing a small object around. Three alert dogs, a Basset Hound, a Beagle and an Afghan Hound, heard some strange cries and rescued a small creature from the terrier.

It turned out to be a little man dressed in green--one of the wee people.

The leprechaun was grateful for the rescue and decided to grant each of the dogs one wish. The Basset thought long and hard and finally said, "I am about to go into the ring to compete and I am just not built to do the jumps. I would like to be able to jump twice as high as I can now." The leprechaun granted the wish and ZAP, the happy Basset amazed everyone by clearing every jump by at least a foot.

The Beagle was impressed. "I am pretty good at what I understand, but if I had triple my intelligence, I know I would make my owner very proud." The leprechaun granted the wish and ZAP, the Beagle passed without a mistake and even helped the judge add up the score!

The Afghan was really impressed. "There is a rumor--not true of course--that Afghans have only beauty and no brains. I would like to quadruple my intelligence."

"Wow," said the Leprechaun, "Are you sure? If I change your intelligence that much it will change your whole life. You will look at things differently, act differently, nothing will be the same. Are you sure?"

"Will I still be beautiful?" asked the Afghan.

"Yes, I can arrange that."

"Well then, grant my wish."

The Leprechaun granted the wish, and ZAP, the Afghan was turned into a corgi!!
Story by Carole McCullough

I’m not really sure what is going on with me. They tell me I’m pregnant and going to have puppies, probably this weekend, but I’m not really sure what they are talking about! I don’t even LIKE most of the puppies I’ve met!

All I know is that there is something inside of me that feels like aliens kicking my innards all over creation! I hardly get to sleep a wink!

Everyone thinks it is so cute to feel my tummy, but I’m just getting downright UNCOMFORTABLE! I can’t lay on my tummy anymore, so spend most of my time on my side or back.

I’m starving, and shove everyone out of the way hysterically when the Chicken breast jerky comes out, but Grammy won't get the hint and doesn't give me very much of it. I don’t usually want to eat the DOG FOOD they try to foist off on me. They keep trying to get me to eat just a little bit because it is supposed to have extra vitamins and minerals, but I just keep turning up my nose, until Grammy makes me some good tasting food. The problem is, that THEN she tries to put powdered vitamins in THAT!

AND, do you BELIEVE THIS…. They got a cardboard BOX and put stuff in it to make me a new bed! A BOX!!! … with newspapers, and towels and an ugly brown sheet! Do they actually expect me to sleep in a BOX?!!! I sleep on Dad’s bed, my recliner in his room, my other recliner in the front room, or Grammy’s waterbed! NOT A BOX!!!

After all THAT, they wonder why I’m grumpy!? Where’s my fuzzy…


Mango said...

A corgi! Ha!

I hope those aliens come out soon and that you like them at least a little. You better get some sleep because I have a feeling that after this weekend you might not get too many chances.


ClassyChassy said...

Oh, soon there will be postings of the new puppies - how exciting! How many do you think she will have? She is so small!!! I hope and pray for a safe delivery....Dot is so sweet!

chicamom85 said...

That was a funny joke. Dott, I have been thinking about you and sending you hugs and kisses and good vibes.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Did you get them? Mommy is praying that everything goes ok. You will feel better soon and I bet they will be the cutest babies ever. Try to eat you need to keep up your strength for the big weekend ahead.

licks and sniffs, Sasha
I just read your book again and now you will have a new chapter to add to Dott's story.

a corgi said...

poor you Dott! this must be such a scary time for you, not really knowing what is going on, but I can't wait to see pictures of puppies!

cute joke :)


JulieandCaleb said...

Oooh, poor Dott! Sending good thoughts your way, hopefully you'll feel better soon...and we'll have corgi puppy pictures (right?!??!?)!

Dory and the Mama said...

Dot, we are so sending comfy thoughts your way and prayers for safe and quick deliveries! I think you will like your puppies once they are done being in your tummy!


^..^Corgidogmama said...

Dott, you don't have any trouble at all expressing yourself my dear. Your pictures go along perfectly with the dialogue.
Good luck little miss as your mommie time gets closer. We here in Indiana, sure hope the best for you, and that all will go well.
If you think you're a little cranky now...oh my, dear girl...just you wait!!
Take your vitamins like a good girl. Hugs to the rest of the gang.
Jake, Addie, and Corgidogmama~

Martha Basset said...

We missed this post thats for sure!!!!