Thursday, August 27, 2009

Last Squirrel Patrol For Me For Awhile... :(

Tuesday, we all went out for squirrel patrol because I begged Grammy really hard. She wasn’t sure I should go out, but I told her I’m fine and she knows that some exercise is good for me, so she said I could go, but this would be the last time for a full squirrel patrol for me for a while. I DON’T think I like the sound of THAT!

We took our usual route, which included a good check of the Old Dart. I got there first, and then ran and told the others that I REALLY felt there was something around there!

The others came and agreed… something was in or around that car!

I even insisted that my Dad open the hood…

I don’t know where it went, but whatever it was, I KNOW it had been hiding there!

We did our check of the ditch and side pasture…

...then headed for the front pasture. Mama OC and Sadie found some yummy fresh horse apples and stopped for a snack on the way.

We checked all the holes and bushes there, and then Grammy said I’d had enough and we needed to head in.

We did go by the water barrels and make sure there weren’t any swimmers. You can never tell when one of the horses will knock out the squirrel ladder and a squirrel will decide to take a chance anyway!

By the way, I checked out that box bed they made for me, and it’s not half bad! Grammy put a big towel over it and made it into my own little cave. I really kind of like it in there now that I’ve scratched it and arranged the blankets the way I like. (Mom says to tell you that it was dark and so the vids from in there had to be lightened…)

The towel can flap down and really make it cozy. Last night, Grammy forgot to put it down, so I got out, grabbed it with my teeth and pulled it shut. I even told everyone else that they had to stay out of my room and AWAY from MY BOX. Grammy told me, though, that I still have to let BG and Mama OC use the ramp in front of it to get on her bed.

MY BOX gives me a little privacy, and I kind of like that, too. Sometimes I wish everyone would quit petting my belly. Grammy pinched me today a little and said I had milk now, and she also said something about dropping and starting to look like I was getting ready in a few other ways too… I hope so, though I don’t FEEL ready to be a Mommy… I just want these little kickers OUT!


Mango said...

Something was certainly there. You are thorough in your pursuit of whatever it was. Maybe you will catch it next time.


Martha Basset said...

We have never seen a more thorough squirrel patrol in our lives!
You certainly checked everywhere.
We liked your little bed and then realised, how have we missed this, that it is a whelping box!!
Then when you went on to talk about dropping and milk we thought my dogness!!!!
We are not sure why or how we missed this but are really sorry!
We will look forward to catching up with your news - which we anticipate will be the patter of tiny paws!
Martha & Bailey xxxxx
PS Did we mention that we bassets are not the brightest......

ClassyChassy said...

Glad Dot got out for a romp!!! She will be housebound for a while, so might as well get the squirrels out of her system! Cute 'box' story - really enjoyed the post and videos!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Y'know Dott, I remember having a spurt of energy before having my own pups, and I think you were having yours during your romp. You were so active!!
Now, save your energy, because being a mom is not an easy job. Love your little cave, birthing room.
Glad that you're liking it better. Good luck, and we'll be hoping for the best for ya'. Hugs to all.
Jake/Addie and Corgidogmama

a corgi said...

I think Dott you will make a great mom! I'm sorry your squirrel hunting days will be over for a bit, but before long you will get your shape back and be able to go out and chase those pesky squirrels away. we have two that come and visit our backyard sometimes, but the yard is so small by the time Koda gets outside, they have taken off

take care of yourself!


Dory and the Mama said...

Hi Dott...It looks like you had a great squirrel patrol, and I bet you won't hardly even notice the time going by until the next one.

Love your box!! Can't wait too see the kickers when they emerge!!


chicamom85 said...

Good job on the hunt. I hope you can rest now Dott, I think you will need all your strength. Mom and I are thinking of you and can't wait for the happy news. I am sure when you see your beautiful babies, you will be ready to be a Mommy.

licks and sniffs, Sasha