Monday, August 10, 2009

Big Clawed Monster

Friday, Dad came home very early from work, and he and Robert took off for the really big town about an hour away. They came back with a bunch of black pipe all curled up like a humongous snake. Mom said it is called “Poly pipe.” Then, they turned around and took off again to the big town.

They came back hauling a trailer with a huge clawed monster on it!

Robert got in its weird saddle, and made the monster back off of the trailer and then he rode it into the back of the side pasture. That was a really noisy, stinky monster! We had to stay in the yard and watch while Robert and the monster got used to each other. Unfortunately, Mom doesn’t know how to use Robert’s camera right, and didn’t realize it was on some strange setting she isn’t used to, so all her vids and some pics came out terribly fuzzy! She was so MAD!

The monster had a tag with it’s name on it… Kubota. Mom said she thinks maybe it is a Japanese name when we asked her. I wonder if maybe it isn’t some kind of weird Japanese dragon? Robert made it dig a big hole and then pick up and/or push a bunch of weeds into it. Sheesh, WE get in trouble for digging, and our holes aren’t NEARLY as HUGE as the ones that monster dug!

Robert told Dott, later, that it felt like it was bucking like a bull, and he was a little sore Friday night. (Little Bear’s dad, who came down with L.B. for Mom’s birthday, said that it was bucking because Robert didn’t know how to make it mind very well. He used to work with them, and knows how to make them behave, but he couldn’t come down on Saturday when they needed to use it) Dad says he thinks Robert did a good job since he’s never worked with one before!

When it started to get dark, Robert put it to sleep and then he let us out so we could get a good look.

Mom took pictures of me and Dott taking turns in the saddle.

When we got close, we could see that it was a different kind of machine. A dirt eating or moving machine!

Saturday morning, Dad got up very early and went into Mimi’s town and got some “fittings” and their other son, Manuel, that lives there. The three of them (with Robert) took the Kubota out and spent all day clearing and digging a trench, and then they took that big, black snaky coil of poly pipe and pulled it out and made it lay in the trench. They attached the ends with the fittings to our old broken water pipe.

About halfway through the day, Manuel came to the house to pick up a couple of things they needed and say hi to Mom. She was at the computer and heard him coming to the door, so she called to him to “Come on in…” I knew who it was as he came through the door, but apparently my dumb sister didn’t recognize him.

I guess, though, that I HAD lived with him for several months before I came to live back at home, but she hasn’t been around him very much and wondered what the stranger was doing just walking on in. Anyway, she snuck up behind him as he walked toward Mom, and NIPPED him just above his ankle! Mom was HORRIFIED! Dott has never done ANYTHING like that before, and boy did SHE get “what for!”

Mom caught her and held her still while Manuel came up to her and petted her. Dott was still a bit huffy because SHE claims she was only doing her job and protecting Mom from a stranger. She just pinched him a little bit on the calf above his ankle. The were so busy with working on THAT mess, that I didn’t get much attention AT ALL from Manuel, and we ALWAYS do a lot of hugging and happy talk whenever I see him. THAT just wasn’t fair!

Dott has gotten pretty moody the past several weeks, even with Mama OC, me and Auntie Sadie. She’s sort of tired all the time and sleeps in her recliner with her arms around her “squirrel.” She says it really ISN”T a SQUIRREL, and to “SHUT UP!” I TOLD you she was moody!

She is also getting a little belly and other girl's fixtures are growing too! She is REALLY touchy when I mention those things. Mom says she’s pretty sure that she is either pregnant or having a false pregnancy. I gather that means she might be having puppies. Mom has had other dogs that have had false pregnancies and they get fat, moody and even get milk, so she is still watching and waiting.

The guys were so tired, they were about to drop Saturday night when they finally brought the monster back to the house. They took Manuel home and went to Mimi’s to take showers (Remember, our water line has been broken for 6 months) They came home, ate and went to bed, with only a few minutes of loving on us. I don’t know what Mom was so excited about! It was a pretty boring day for US, and Saturday’s are supposed to be our big day with Dad! This is getting long again, so I’ll fill you in on our Sunday the next time, ok?


Angela said...

I'm glad to hear that you guys are getting your water lines fixed! I can't imagine 6 months of hauling water in. I have some neighbors who have been doing it for years.

Those big monster things sure are fun to watch!


Mango said...

Dott maybe has puppies inside her? Are they labradogs? That would make ME grouchy for sure.


a corgi said...

glad that the pipes are being fixed Linda! I can't imagine 6 months without running water!! you guys are troopers for sure!! sounds like a lot of hard work in getting the earth ready too for the piping to be fixed. I bet all your critters weren't happy at all with the noise; no wonder Dott got a little testy with Manuel. I am hoping it is a false pregnany with that little one, but I guess time will tell


^..^Corgidogmama said...

Hmmm...Dott a mommie? I have never heard of a false pregnancy in dogs before. Is that common? I hope that darlin' Dott is alright, and feels better soon, and if it's pups, oh my, chorgi pups? How precious! Hope the other "kids" can deal with her mood swings as well as Manuel did. Bet you're thrilled to have water again!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Let's hear it fur WATER!

Happy Tuesday!


chicamom85 said...

Wow I bet your family is gonna be so happy to have water. I guess I don't know how good I have it at times. Dott, I can be a nipper also, I completely understand. If you are having puppies, do take care of yourself and get plenty of rest.

licks and sniffs, Sasha
p.s. I hope we can have a shower(not the wet kind) party if you do have puppies.

Twix said...

I agree with Dott! You can't just let anyone come into your house and walk right up to your Mom. It is our job to protect the humans you know! Corgi puppies? I've never seen any but I bet they are cute!

Kritter Keeper said...

that was cute! bad dot doggy for the nip! but i can understand with all of the hormones raging inside of her!

Anonymous said...

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