Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sadie Was NOT Happy!

Mama OC said I had to get off my lazy little tushy and write this
blog tonight! SHE is just mad because she and BG were locked up in the bedroom with Dad while all the action was out here in the Frontroom, and I got to see it!

I also want to state, for the record, that I am NOT LAZY! I get up and am ready to go whenever anyone is going to go outside. Can I help it if I’ve been so sleepy lately? I’m also hungry a lot and when they weighed me yesterday, I had gained 4 POUNDS this past month! Now THAT’S DEPRESSING! I’ve always weighed 16 lbs. for the past couple of years! That’s almost a QUARTER more than what I normally weigh. No wonder I’m having trouble jumping up on things that I used to “fly” onto!

Anyway, this blog is about Sadie and not me. I just happened to be out here with Grammy and Robert because I WAS asleep when Mama and BG got put in the other room. Also, whenever Grammy wants to work on or with Sadie, Mama OC has to be locked up or she yells pretty constantly. She even yells if Grammy just speaks to Auntie Sadie. (Boy… and they say I’M moody!)

Apparently, Grammy was feeling bad for Auntie that she had her britches and underbelly full of horehound burrs, and didn’t think that she could be comfortable sitting or laying on them all the time. Usually, when Sadie lays down, it is on her back anyway, so I don’t see what the problem was.

Anyway, Grammy knows that the only thing that Sadie REALLY HATES is getting brushed, so she was afraid that she was going to have a fight on her hands. She put the chain collar on Sadie and the strong leash, and even had a muzzle ready, just in case…

She also made sure that Robert was there to help if there were too many problems. She decided that the best position for her to do the job in was sitting on the floor. She doesn’t move so well, so when she tried to get down there, she sort of rolled over on her side. Of course, I’d been watching all of this from my recliner, but at THAT point, I jumped down and went over and examined her closely, kissing her and encouraging her as she got back up into a sitting position, with Robert’s help. It probably would have been easier if she hadn’t been laughing so hard and pushing me out of her face… I was just making sure she was ok!

She had put the brush and a bunch of jerky on the chair beside her, and she pulled on Sadie’s leash and got her to come over to her with some of the jerky. Sadie saw the brush and didn’t want to get to close, so Grammy had to pull her leash to get her near enough to reach with the brush.

She wasn’t too bad while Grammy brushed her head, ears and chest, but then, when she started to brush her side, Sadie suggested politely that she really didn’t want her to do that. Grammy disagreed, and gently, but firmly requested that Sadie lay down, and then gave her a jerky treat.

Sadie really LOVES Grammy (and jerky), but she really HATES that brush. She would lay quietly for a few minutes, and then jump up. Grammy would have to convince her to come back and lay back down.

When she got to Sadie’s britches and tail, they started to get in a few arguments!. Sadie FIRMLY told Grammy that she didn’t want her pulling on those old burrs, and Grammy, just as firmly told her that it HAD to be done and she needed to let her do it.

Robert had to get down there for a while and insist that she stay down while Grammy worked on the really rough parts, but we were all totally amazed at how well Sadie did over all!

She did snap several times at the brush, but she never touched Grammy with her teeth at all! Grammy was so happy that she didn’t have to use the muzzle.

At one point, I thought she had gotten Grammy, and I went over and got between them.

I had a little talk with Sadie about how Grammy was just trying to help her, and that she really felt bad about pulling on some of those burrs with the brush. I really had to get in her face a few times there.

After they were done and we had a humongous new Tribble living in our garbage can, Mama OC and BG got to come out. BG was just happy to be FREE AT LAST, and he came over and hugged Grammy’s neck and kissed her.

Mama OC came out and told Grammy that she didn’t feel that it was fair to lock her up, etc., etc.

Grammy showed her the giant Tribble, and then brushed her a few minutes to give her enough attention to assuage her irritation with having been shut out of the Frontroom. She still was a bit grumbly, but finally everything settled down around here again.

P.S. For those that are interested at all, they are still working on those “fittings,” Papa even bought some new ones and they put one of those in this evening. The other one is still under water from the tests, and they are going to get another new one for that side, probably tomorrow. I’m going to go take another nap… YAWN! Good night


ocmist said...

Note from Grammy: I'm sorry about the font on these last paragraphs... I've tried over and over to make it match the rest of the blog, and it won't do it for some reason.

Mango said...

Don't worry about the FONT! Sometimes we get fonts gone wild on blogger too.

You were so brave to protect Grammy. I know that Sadie was just being grouchy, but even so, she could have hurt your Grammy.


ClassyChassy said...

Very newsy post - you earned a nap!!!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...


What a time Sadie had!

As fur the font, we learned long time ago not to fight with Blogger's preference - we nevFUR win!


Dory and the Mama said...

Poor Sadie!! I am glad you were there to let her know that Grammy was just trying to help!!

Plus you got a big Tribble!! Just watch out, cause we all know "Tribbles are Trouble"

Melissa and Emmitt said...

that was a very successful grooming. :)
i bet sadie feels much cooler and lighter today!

have a wonderful day!

:) melissa