Friday, November 13, 2009

Foster Dogs We’ve had…

I’m having a really hard time finding friends that haven’t already gotten a Kreative Blogger award. Everyone that I’ve read is just so creative that someone else has already tagged them… SOOO I’m still working on that post since I’ve received the Award from our friends over at Expressly Corgi. We really appreciate it, and I promise to get THAT post up soon… I hope…

Meanwhile, I thought I’d post some pics for this blog of some of the foster dogs we’ve had here as we had one that really looked a lot like Sadie from Laurie’s blog, Sadie the Rescued Corgi
. Laurie is fairly new at blogging, but I’ve found all her posts to be pretty interesting, and she really loves Sadie. That is one lucky little corgi girl!

The first Corgi that we fostered for my Mom's sister was named Callie, and she got a wonderful home with one of Mom's very best friends. This lady had taken my brother and loved him with all of her heart, but on Christmas Day, some neighbor kids had let him out into the street in front of their home and he’d gotten run over. (I'm the pup on the left and my brother, Rascal, is on the right of my Mama Mist.)

She’d called Mom in hysterics, because she was so broken up. She’d been waiting for years for Mist or OC to have another corgi puppy that she could have, but they never got pregnant, so when Callie came to us, Mom offered her to her, and she decided to take her (otherwise, Mom would have probably kept her.) This lady's daughter, later, took one of Dott’s brothers when OC finally did have pups.

We fostered some Corgi mix pups for a few weeks, but didn’t get any pics of them, and then a big, white dog that we think was Labrador/ Great Pyrenees. He was very young and huge and the sweetest temperament!

His eyes were blue, as you can see. He went to the shelter the Gracie’s Mom is the Director of and they found him a wonderful home. We called him Blue while he was here.

We fostered Dott’s brother (Knight from the book) who is now named Zen, for a couple of months when his lady had to find a new place to live where she could keep him. He is loved very much too!

Those of you who have followed us for the past several months know that the pups Dad, that we called Doug, was also a foster dog. He was a full corgi, and so sweet. He was older, though, and insisted on marking EVERYTHING which is why we didn’t end up keeping him. He went to a corgi rescue, and once he was neutered, I’m sure they found him a good home, maybe as an outside dog.

Anyway, those are a few of the dogs we’ve fostered over the years… the ones we’ve gotten pics of anyway. I don’t tend to get very involved with them, except for Doug… (Blush… I got a case of hormones, too, while he was here…) and Mom wouldn’t let me near him after what happened with Dott.

Ha, ha, ha!!!… I just found out that they are going to take Sadie out to be SHOT tomorrow! (Mom: NO, OC!!! … we are NOT taking her to BE shot… We are taking her to GET her RABIES shot as she’s due for one!) Grumble, grumble… DARN!


Martha and Bailey said...

Thank you so much for clarifying 'shot' - our mum nearly choked on her coffee!
That was great to hear all about your foster dogs - very sad about the one that got run over!!!
Our mum is pretty neurotic about the front door of our house for the same reason.
It is not a busy road but it only takes one car!!!!
We did like Blue - beautiful eyes. We can only imagine how your mom finds the time to foster!!!!!
She has a very big heart.
love and kisses
Martha & Bailey xxxx
ps Doug does like to leave his mark doesn't he!!!!!

Mango said...

Don't be so mean to Miss Sadie, OK? She is doing her best.

How wonderful to foster dogs. Momma doesn't think she would ever be able to part with them so its just us two.


Laurie said...

Oh wow! Callie looks just like Sadie!!!! So cool. I love seeing other Corgis that look like her. Since I don't know her history, I don't know what her parents looked like, so it's cool to see how she resembles other corgis. And thank you also for telling people about my blog! So sweet of you :)


That corgi :) said...

congrats on your award! I loved reading about the dogs you have fostered, Linda; you and your hubby have great big hearts to take in kids and animals to foster and love on :)

I do remember Doug! just think if Doug didn't come along you wouldn't have the wonderful pups you have know and Gracie wouldn't be in a loved home either :)


Lorenza said...

Congratulations on your Award!
Thanks for sharing the stories of those doggies!
Kisses and hugs

Dory and the Mama said...

Mama wishes she had the "very special heart" it takes to be a puppy foster mama, but she said we would end up with all the dogs...I don't think Daddy would like that too much.

Your Mama and Daddy definitely were given a that "special heart". Thank you so much for taking care of all those puppies!


JulieandCaleb said...

Awww, you're so awesome for fostering, thank you for doing it! Caleb is a rescue and wouldn't have made it to me without someone fostering him.

Congrats on your award, as well!

Life With Dogs said...

What great deeds you have done. Helping these dogs for a leg of their journey is admirable...

Alicia said...

If I didn't know any better, I would say that our puppy is part Chihuahua & Corgi! I'm so curious to have her take one of those DNA tests so we can find out her exact breed(s).

Your dogs are so cute, and so precious!!!