Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sadie took a Road Trip…

Sadie took a road trip on Saturday, and WE didn't get to go! Actually, from what she told me when she got back, I'm kind of glad we didn't!

She wasn’t to sure what was going on when they called her to go out and get in the car as she’s only gone in the car maybe two times since she came here.

She told me that she was kind of scared and laid very quietly in the back seat on the drive to the park where they were having the county Rabies Clinic.

She also hasn’t been on a leash much since she doesn’t go anywhere, and she was pretty nervous about that. She said she was afraid that they were going to give her away or something. She tried to be really good and quiet, and didn’t even bark or anything when she saw the few other dogs that were there.

Mom and Dad had gone toward the end of the clinic times so that there wouldn’t be very many dogs there. She says they took her over to a lady by a table and then the lady BIT HER IN THE BUTT!

Mom was so mad because the camera decided to freeze up at that point because the batteries ran out. She’d asked Robert to put in new ones and he’d gotten sidetracked… Anyway, they let Sadie sniff around because she'd been so good and she even got a little grass snack. THEY ACTUALLY HAD GRASS!!!

When they got home, Robert showed them the new obstacle that he had made for Dott.

She really loves her lookout and being up so high.

On the way down, though, she jumped off and for some reason her toenail got caught on something and flipped her. It split the toenail in half from the end of it all the way to the toe.

Mom had just trimmed all of our toenails last week and none of us could figure out what could have happened. Poor Dott! They had to cut it off almost at the toe line and had a really hard time getting it to quit bleeding. Robert was so upset that she’d gotten hurt…

There hasn’t been any heat or swelling, but she is still limping on it. That isn't swelling in the picture, it is the white vet wrap, and that was when it still hadn't stopped bleeding all the way.

We figure that she must have twisted it and injured a tendon or even gotten a bone crack, but the vet said there really wouldn’t be anything they could do… just like when a person cracks a toe. If it’s not broken badly, it just has to take the time to heal.


Mango said...

DOTT! Be careful. You are not made of rubber you know.

Poor Miss Sadie. I hope she got tons of hugs and cookies.


ClassyChassy said...

That is a cool obstacle - maybe you should post about how you made it! It looks like CORGI FUN!

Laurie said...

Awww poor Dott!! Hope she's doing ok! That sounds like it hurt :(

That corgi :) said...

poor Sadie! not fair to get a car ride and then have to go some place to get a shot! I hope you get a chance to go sometime on a car ride when it is for something fun!

poor Dott too!! that new lookout looks like a great place to survey "your" land but do be careful; hope you heal up fast


Martha and Bailey said...

Oh Dott, that sounded ouchie!!! Hope it gets better soon.
Poor Sadie - how awful for someone to bite you in the butt!
It all sounded just a bit scary and we are glad you are back home where you belong.
Take care you guys.
love and kisses
Martha & Bailey xxx

Dory and the Mama said...

Poor Sadie...AND Poor Dott!!

Dory had a broken nail over the summer and had the same thing happen. It took her about 3 weeks to totally get better, her nail still hasn't grown back (they cut hers all the way down. We hope Dott heals real quick!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I hope all are rekhovering!