Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We Got an Award...

We received a Kreativ Blogger Award from Classy Chassy over at Expressly Corgi awhile back, and I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get this post put together. It took me a while to find friends that didn't already have it... we have so MANY creative friends!!! We DO want to thank you so very much, Monica, for honoring us with this award.

December 21, 2008 was the day we first posted a Corgi Country Blog and we had 2 comments… one from Betty from A Corgi in Southern California , and one from Dozer and Cooper. Monica (Classy Chassy) found us and made her first comment on March 10th, and Mango the next day. These special friends along with Sasha and her Mommy, and Khyra kept us going in the beginning when we didn’t know much about what we were doing. We’ve gotten so many friends now from all over the world, and are so happy to have found this window into the big world to make friends!

And here are the "official" rules of the Kreativ Blogger Award: 1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award. 2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog. 3. Link to the person who nominated you for this award. 4. Name 7 things about yourself that people may not know. 5. Nominate 7 Kreativ Blogs. 6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate. 7. Leave a comment on each.

Mmmm… 7 things people don’t know about us… Gee, is that 7 things about each of us that write this blog? That could get pretty long… but then, we’ve probably told you most everything about us. I think we will do one each about us adult corgis (Sadie –hissed- doesn’t count!!) and then some about Mom because she tends to try to stay way behind the scenes.

1. Let’s see, you already know that I’m OC, which stands for Ornery Cuss, and that I am 10 ½ years old and have a bad back and hips from getting butted by a mean goat about 5 years ago. I have mentioned to a few of my friends that I used to have a feline uncle that I loved very much when I was a young pup. His name was JR, and when I was a little pup, I would run up to him and he would sit up and bat both sides of my face really quick back and forth, but he never used his claws. He would lick my face and I would lick his, too. He thought he was a dog, and drooled like one. I normally DON’T DO CATS, but JR was my special friend.

2. BG: Mama OC is my mom, but I did have a home for a while when I was 8 weeks old until the age of 6 months, when I came back to stay here with my Dad. That’s why I love little kids… because I lived with some when I was young. Mom says that it is because I was “socialized” at an early age that I do so well when out in public as her Helper Dog.

3. Dott: Gee… I’ve been on camera since I was born! You probably know ALL about me! Oh! Maybe you don’t know that I am afraid of the dark! I HATE the dark and Auntie Sadie has to go with me whenever I have to go outside to go potty at night. My dad also has put a night light in our room and in the back patio so that I will at least have a little light when I go out back. Mom thinks something tried to get me when I was young and Sadie chased whatever it was off. I think that is what makes me so nervous when the pups want to go out at night, so I always go with them.

4. Mom says that God blessed her with a wonderful husband and 6 great children, 1 girl and 5 boys. She has 14 grandchildren, 8 girls and 6 boys, and they are scattered over the US… FL, TX, & CA. She also had several other foster boys that she cared for at home and a couple of VERY SPECIAL Severely Handicapped special ed. children that she worked with for 6+ years in a row as they aren’t moved from class to class.

5. She is an artist that works in graphite (pencil), pastel chalk and pencils, and has done a couple of wall size murals in acrylic paint. She is also a poet with some published work, and has written a few praise songs. Both her Mama and her Daddy were VERY creative and encouraged her in this area. Her Father did murals on all of the walls of the back yard, garage, and chicken pens, and her Mama made all kinds of crafts to sell to help supplement our income because her Daddy passed away when she was only 17. This is the center of an 11 ft. rainforest wall mural...

6. Mom worked for a few years in a place called the Upper Room Drug and Crisis Center in San Jose while attending Bible College there in the early 70’s. They had a hotline, and Coffee House, and a Women’s Crisis House. This was later taken over by Teen Challenge in that area.

7. Mom’s loved horses since she was a tiny baby. Her Mama told her that she used to cry when she was only a year old whenever she would see a horse because she wanted to sit on it! God & her Daddy blessed her with her first horse on her 11th Birthday, and she’s had horses 38 years out of the 57 she’s been alive. Her Daddy taught her a lot of what she knows, and also taught her to ask old timers that have years of wisdom when she needed help, and/or to look for knowledge in books. “You never stop learning if you’re smart!” Many of our horses have been rescue horses and it’s been her great pleasure to see them come from what they were when she got them to the happy, healthy horses that lived out their lives in good homes… most of them with us.

I think that most of our long time friends have already had this award given to them at one time or another, so I’ll try not to double up by giving it to some of our newer friends that also deserve it… If you HAVE had it and I nominate you, let me know and I’ll try to send it to someone else, OK?

The Adventures of Max Dog in South Africa is a great new blog that Mango introduced us to when he took a trip that was hosted by Max. They not only share their lives, but also their beautiful country and culture in their blog.
Dances With Corgis has several creative features like recipes and health ideas.
PenPets, Leslie's blog shows just how creative a lady she is, and showcases some wonderful pen and ink pet portraits that she does. If you love animal art, check out her posts!
My Favorite People Are Dogs Cooper has just had news of his new fatherhood… That’s pretty “Kreative” don’t you think! Should be some cute puppy pics on here soon!
Cathy Santarsiero – The Christmas Corgi Anybody who has seen any of Cathy’s work knows just how Kreative she is. Her fanciful corgi paintings are all just adorable!
Amusing Margaret This isn’t a dog Blogger, but she is truly a wonderful poet and very Kreative. She finds such beautiful pictures to illustrate her poetry too, and I really enjoy her blog. I believe that this blog is a fairly new one, but it’s very interesting to me.
Jan Mader’s Ignite to Write blog is one of the most Kreative blogs I know and one of the neatest things about it is that she helps others to be creative too!

All of these wonderful blogging friends deserve this award for sharing their Kreativ-ness with us!


Mango said...

Thank you for sharing so many interesting things. I am so glad that Miss Sadie protects Dott from the dark. OC is kind of a grouch, huh. Sigh.


The Brown Recluse said...

Wow! Would you look at this! I appreciate that you would include me in the Kreativ Blogger awards. You are right, this is a new blog, though it's not my first blog. (I think this one will be my favorite of all the ones I've started and then ignored.) I'm glad that you are enjoying my poetry as well as my photography! Thanks again :)

The Brown Recluse said...

I love your artwork! I have lots of art supplies, and I pretend to draw, but... pretend is about all I do.
It takes a special person to be able to care for severely handicapped children, and be a foster parent as well. And a poet...and songwriter! Very talented woman you are!

MAX said...

Hey there Corgie doggies (and mom!)
Thank you so much for nominating us for your creative bloggers award. We are really touched. Things are a little tight around our house at the moment and we are also going away on Saturday (for a week),but we will give it due justice as soon as we can..please bare with us.
We are amazed at how talented your mom is and what a giving person too! We really love that mural...it makes us escape into an imaginary place...lovely!
Thank you again.

Freya's Human said...

congratulation on the award!

Martha and Bailey said...

Congratulations on your Kreativ Award - that was just so apt for your family.
You are all very creative indeed - canines and humans.
It is also lovely to find more about your all - good job you all did on the tag.
We thought that was a very impressive mural - looked like a most relaxing place.
love and kisses
Martha & bailey xxx

That corgi :) said...

congrats on your award Linda! and I can't believe I was one of your first commenters; you are almost to your year's mark, that is awesome!! I enjoyed reading about you and the pups. You sound like you are so creative and that mural is just gorgeous! lots of talent in your family for sure!


Laurie said...

Congrats on the award!! And thanks for sharing these 7 things about yourself and your dogs! It's great to know a little more about the person behind the blog :)

Dory and the Mama said...

What a wonderful post, thanks for sharing!


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Khongrats on your khool and khreativ award!

It was furry interesting to read those pawesome fakhts too!

Woo chose some fantastikh blogs to paw it along to!

PeeEssWoo: Tank woo fur the shoutout too!

chicamom85 said...

Wow I love learning all those things about all of you. Congratulations on your award, you soooooooo deserve it. Your blog makes us so happy all the time. I don't blame Mama OC for being ornery, I would be too if I got kicked by a goat.

Happy Thanksgiving.
licks and sniffs, Sasha

Leslie Moore said...

Congratulations on your well-deserved Kreative Award, Linda and the Corgi clan. Your mural is just dreamy! And thank you for passing on the gift to me! I'm honored to be in such kreative company. Right now, I'm thankfully swamped with Christmas commissions, but I will give this my full attention in the New Year. Thanks again!

Chatty Crone said...

This was wonderful. It was funny - when I started reading the first one - I thought you were talking about yourself - OC -ornary cuss! Then when I read further I realized it was your dog.

I am sorry you lost your dad so young.

The mural was awesome.

Glad to get to know you better.