Monday, September 7, 2009

Aaaahhh… REST at last!

Happy Labor Day everyone! Papa is home and we are very thankful that he can have a day of rest because he is such a wonderful provider for us and labors hard all the time to take care of us.

We are all praying that God will Bless America and those that have labored to make it into such a wonderful country to live in. May God Bless the workers, and the community service people, like the ones fighting the fires here in California, and our police officers, etc.

Since today is Labor Day and it is to celebrate those who labor, and I had labored hard, I decided that I’d let my people hold my babies for a half hour or so today so I could rest a few minutes. I figured from the first, of course, that I could trust them, but I just would get nervous for no good reason when they would pick them up. Papa let Gimli crawl up under his beard where my little son went to sleep for a while.

They’ve held them a couple of minutes at a time, and always brought them back since they were born, so today, I decided that it would be ok for them to hold them for a bit while I just laid out and relaxed.

Papa held Gimli and Mercy for a while, until Grammy snatched Mercy. Grammy put Mercy into the front of her blouse in a little “pocket” and she went to sleep there.

Grammy is thinking about keeping Mercy, and wants her to get used to her heartbeat and bond well. BG is supposed to be Papa’s dog, and Grammy doesn’t feel that it is fair for her to take so much of BG’s time and attention from Papa. (It makes Papa a little sad...)

Mercy looks like she is going to be a full-sized Corgi, and strong enough to be a helper dog. Grammy says she’s not sure yet, what will happen…

The pups have been nursing almost constantly since they were born and are growing SO FAST! I’ve hardly left my little cave since they were born except for quick peeks to keep track of what’s going on and quick runs outside. I’ve not even wanted to get out to eat, so Grammy has been fork feeding me my special reinforced Mama Dog Food several times a day. I'm even getting dark bags under my eyes...

She also brings me my bowls of homemade puppy formula and holds them for me to drink. She says it’s a lot easier to do that than to feed the pups herself like she had to do with me and my brothers. The puppy formula gives me the
nutrients, fluids and extra calcium I need to make so much milk. I’m so little and the pups are getting so big that she wants to be sure I don’t get to much sucked out of me. She’s a bit worried because I am so “SKINNY” as she puts it. I just think I’ve got my “girlish” figure back, though I don’t know if my poor “Mams” will EVER be the same again… :(

Grammy tried to put down food near my bed that first day or two, but then the ants found it. She doesn’t want that to happen again, as she doesn’t want them to get on the puppies. That’s when they took my box out of Grammy’s room and put it across the hall in the spare room after making sure there weren’t ants in our box. She won’t put any food in the new room to be sure the ants can’t find us. I’ve got a big water bowl, but no food, so that’s why
Grammy feeds me.

She also can’t put out food anywhere else in the house because Mama OC is on a diet and can’t have food laying around to tempt her.

Well, I best tell them to put my little ones back so I can feed them, as they are starting to get antsy. Thank you all so much for your kind words and thoughts! Dott


Mango said...

Be careful you don't get skinny. Being a mom is hard work.


a corgi said...

Oh Dott I did enjoy this update from you; you make sure you eat and drink all you need to; you are eating and drinking for 5 you know; got to keep up your strength! I'm glad you shared your kids and let them be held by your "humans"; I know they took good care of them for you!


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...


Tank woo fur sharing the pups with us again!

Woo are a furry good momma!


^..^Corgidogmama said...

Linda, coming to visit here just warms my heart. Dott is such a natural at Mommyhood, isn't she? Those pups have really grown, her milk must be very good.
All look happy and content. I agree, Dott does look a little skinny, but you're taking good care of her, adding the extra nutrients.
You're a good mommy too!
Ohh...I'd love to hold one of those pups! Wish you lived next door!
Enjoy this special time.
Hugs to all.

Dory and the Mama said... are such a wonderful Mama..your pups are looking very happy and healthy!

Make sure to eat what your Mommy tells you so you don't get too skinny!!