Tuesday, September 15, 2009

“And Its Worst Story…”

Just a quick note as it is getting late and Grammy was working on her Proverbs blog and just FINALLY let me get on here. She had something called an “and its worst story” (Grammy: NO, Dott… that’s “anniversary” and it’s a GOOD thing) OK!!! But, I still think it should be “worst story” because it’s worse than the story I had to tell you about my babies!

Anyway, it was her and Papa’s 34th one, and SHE decided, after she finished her "Country Grammy's Walk With God" blog on Friday about 9/11 and her Mom, that the computer was going to stay off all weekend so she could spend time with HIM!

Good GRIEF! I’ve got BEAUTIFUL BABIES to show off!!!

At least I still got fed regularly and they both enjoyed playing with the babies which gave me a bit of a rest.

Even my Dad decided he was going to make himself scarce for the weekend too, to give them “special time together…” Can you believe THAT!!! He LEFT ME! Sure, he said he was sorry, and was really happy to be back this morning and see us again, but I was DESERTED all weekend!!!

Grammy and Papa even took off on Friday, the day before Dad left, and took BG to the big town. He got to wear his vest and go into a big grocery store. He told me he had to lay real still in a chopping cart (bet THAT was scary, though he didn’t say what they were chopping) while Grammy got groceries (maybe that’s what was chopped? Some of MY food says "chopped...")

He was mad because Grammy forgot to take the camera, so she didn’t get pictures of him, even though she told him she was really proud of him for doing such a wonderful job… even when she put some bags of cooked chicken right beside him in the cart, he still laid real still where he was supposed to. (He said she didn’t notice the drool that fell on the blanket he was laying on in his part of the cart… poor brother)

Actually, I’m not TOO sad for him because he was bragging that they got him a hamburger and gave him some of that chicken on the ride home, while I sat here and had to eat DOG FOOD! (Grammy: Awww, come on, Dott… you DID get some of the chicken breast when we got home…)

Anyway, this is short and tomorrow the babies will be 2 weeks old, so we will have their 2 week pictures to post then.


Mango said...

Ugh! I have the same problem with my momma. She actually goes places without the camera sometimes. I mean that's what the wrist strap is for, am I right?


ClassyChassy said...

More baby pictures!!! More stories!!! keep em comin!!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Those kids are sure growing!
They're almost as big as Dott! She's a natural mommy, that's for sure. Love the updates. I'm telling ya' Linda...there's another book here! The "kids" never like to be left at home do they?

a corgi said...

happy belated anniversary Linda and hubby! glad you took some time for yourself! way to go to BG for his work as a service animal! I know it had to be hard work especially smelling that chicken

can't believe the pups are already 2 weeks old!


chicamom85 said...

Happy Anniversary! I am sorry they left you Dott, but all is well now I hope. Your babies are beautiful and of course so are you. You are looking very trim after the birth.

licks and sniffs, Sasha

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Too sadly fur me, the flashie beastie is almost always attached to my mom!

Khongrats on such a monumental event!

It is always nice to see the pup pup puppies!