Saturday, September 26, 2009

Puppy Shower Continued...

Hi... We are back with the rest of the Puppy Shower that Sasha and her Mommy hosted for us. By the way, the gifts are getting a lot of use (the ones that weren't eaten right away, anyway.) It is so cute watching the babies when they wake up from their naps. They stretch and move around, then jump up and toddle really fast off of their blanket and onto the Pup-Pee Pads to do their business. THANKS AGAIN, Sasha and Mommy!

Let's see... last time we had gotten all of the gifts open. Right away, BG took the drumstick chewies over to Grammy and told her that she needed to open them.

Grammy said that first, we all needed to clean up the wrappers from the presents, so we got busy cleaning...

Mama OC was excited to get to the snacks, too, so even she got busy cleaning...

By all working together, we got everything cleaned up pretty quickly!

Grammy was busy with the camera, so she had Mama OC take the package of drumsticks to Robert so he could open them up for us.

Those things are TOTALLY YUMMY, and all of us enjoyed them completely. I even got two!!!

When we were done with those Yummy snackers, Robert brought the pups out. Gracie started barking... She wanted to play!

She wanted to practice playing bitey-face, as she has been studying Mango's technique. She got Mercy to help, and they got down to it. Gracie: Hey, Mr. Mango, is this any better?

What about this? Do you think I'm getting the hang of it, Mr. Mango?

After the little ones played for a while, Robert set out one of the Pup-Pee Pads to let them look at and sniff. They thought it was very interesting...

After that, he showed them that pretty squeaky. Neelix and Gracie snuck up and gave it the once over.

Gimli thought it was barking at him when Robert squeaked it, so he barked back!

He wasn't at all sure about that toy that barked back at him...

Robert tried to get everyone lined up for pictures, but the pups weren't in a co-operative mood. Neelix snuck away to give that "barking toy" a closer look, again.

Since then, as I mentioned before, the Pup-Pee Pads have gotten plenty of use, and they still like to play with the pretty squeaky. We all had so much fun at our Puppy Shower!

We can't thank you and your Mommy enough, Sasha. You are truly special friends, and Grammy is sending up special prayers that blessings come your way! Bye for now... Dott


Mango said...

Amazing bitey face skills for such wee pups. I believe they are naturals.

We had to turn the volume down because stupid Pee-Wee went all cracker dog every time we played a movie! I think he wants in on the action.


^..^Corgidogmama said...

Seeing your pups and their antics gave me my first smile of the day. Thanks for sharing. How nice that you had a shower!!

Jan Mader said...

Your guys just made my day. I want to squeeze them all...they are so darn cute!

a corgi said...

these were all so cute!! what a blessing to get all those special gifts for your puppy shower, Dott; those drumsticks I'm sure were mighty tasty!


chicamom85 said...

What a treat and thank you for showing all those videos. The puppies are getting around so much and when they bark it is so funny. I am so glad our pressies made you all so happy. You made my day!!

licks and sniffs, Sasha
p.s. God bless you all Anne

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Furry pawesome bitey face work - and great use of the paws!

They keep getting khuter and khuter!

Tank woo fur sharing more of the pawesome shower pressies from Sasha!


ClassyChassy said...

Loved seeing the pics and videos - those pups make me smile every time!!!

Martha Basset said...

How lovely to see the puppies having such fun and lovely pressies too!!!
We have never heard of a puppy shower but it sounds good to us.
How sweet of Sasha and her mom.
We were really impressed by the bitey face game the puppies are already playing - you know it took Martha ages to learn that!!!
love and kisses
Bailey xxxxx Martha too xxxxx