Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ha! They couldn't go...

Grammy is really ticked because something happened to her camera and it seems to have died. She worked on it all day because she wanted to take pics of the trailer, but no luck… and she just got this camera a couple of months ago!

Ha!!! They didn’t get to go this weekend because there is supposed to be a big storm with lots of rain and maybe even snow, though Grammy hopes not as the hay is getting around a foot high and we need the rain, but not a freeze. It has been so warm here the past week or so… It’s made Mama feel a little better, but then both she and Grammy are ouchy again with this new storm coming.

Still, since they have to wait until next weekend, maybe I’ll be able to convince them to let me go, or at least try to find a place on that big house on wheels to stow away in. They were out working on it all afternoon, and WOW, it sure is something! They picked up my Mama and put her in while Grammy and Papa were dusting and getting the beds checked out, so BG and I jumped on in too.

We were all impressed!!! Grammy hadn’t gotten a real look before, but she says that it’s sure nice and that she thinks that she won’t have any trouble sleeping on the foam mattress it has. She told Mama that she will bring her memory foam mattress and put it right beside her own bed, and BG will be able to sleep with Papa in the other big bed in the back.

I had a peek around and there are a couple of likely places I might be able to stow away in. I’ll have to plan this carefully…


Mayaa :) said...


check out my blog - you won this week's ROFL award :)
it's in the post titled: this week's rofl award and something for Laura because one of my other followers asked me to do a post about dale thomas :P

ClassyChassy said...

I love the final photo - and the little side comment - now that is a 'thinking' kind of look!