Saturday, March 14, 2009

Is That Stuff Snow?

It was so pretty outside again that Mom decided to go out and work on the horses some more. We love it out there, and she let me go out with her. The others had to stay in the yard. The horses were loose, and she didn’t want Sadie to fuss with them while she worked on them OR take off for the boonies while she wasn’t paying attention.

Of course, Mama couldn’t come out because the Crazy horse (Mom says I should call him Wind Dancer, or at least Dancer cause that’s his name) was loose and Mom is afraid that she will try to do more than she should and not be able to move out of the way fast enough if necessary.

Dott was out for a little bit, but took off again and had to be called back, so back into the yard she went. She had a fit!!! Ran back and forth like a little idiot, yapping her head off. She ought to know better than that by now. It just ticks Mom off and then makes her even more certain NOT to let her out.

Anyway, since it has warmed up the horses were really starting to look scruffy, so she used the shedding tool on them again, and when she brushed Tuffy (the bleached palomino – sun bleached over the winter) it looked like it had really been snowing bad!

Talk about HAIRBALLS!!! And she complains about the dust bunnies WE raise! At least all those birds that are returning from their winter homes will have PLENTY of stuff to build some nice, soft nests!


^..^Corgidogmama said...

A day in the life....

Leslie Moore said...

Such an idyllic life you all lead -- horses, dogs, bunnies, and humans! You're surrounded by all the good things in life!

ClassyChassy said...

Oh my! Our horses have begun the big shed, too - and I guess they are worse than CORGIS when they 'blow coat'!

Mayaa :) said...

wow! the first picture in this post looks a lot like Travis from Travis: A Dog like no other. (Travis is my dog too, that blog is my brother's!).
When my bro told me that Travis looks like a Corgi, i didn't believe him but that picture sure does look like him.
If you want to see some cute Corgi pictures, check out my latest blog entry at
there so sweet!

a corgi said...

seems like a delightful day for you OC!! you have such a nice place to roam around and explore!