Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Horse Tails and Cow Pies

We had a WONDERFUL day today. It was so pretty outside… not to warm and not to cold. Mom was feeling great, so she decided to go out and work on her Peruvian horse, Cory’s, tail.

Cory has a huge tail that is VERY thick and long enough to almost touch the ground, and since it’s been so cold, and before that, Mom’s back was bugging her for so long, it had gotten terribly knotted. She had worked on it a couple of times and gotten about ½ of it done, but today she worked on it several hours and got the rest of the big huge knot worked out.

What’s great about that is that WE got to stay outside with her and play in the front pasture because Cory is gentle and just stands there. The other two horses were locked out and had to stay in the side pasture. She says that it is dangerous for us to be out where the young Arab, Wind Dancer, is. I think it's because he is a CRAZY horse, but she says he is just young and a hot-blooded, hyper breed of horse.

If you get to close to him, he will kick at you, and he will turn for no reason and take off, full speed with his tail straight up. Mom thinks he is pretty, but, like I said… I think he is CRAZY and he makes me nervous that he might hurt Mom, so I dance around and then she gets mad at ME!!

Dott, Mama and I got to stay out and play for most of the time she was out there. After sniffing around for awhile, Mama laid down under the chair that Mom was sitting in… Cory is so gentle that she can do that while she works on his tail, though she doesn’t recommend this for most horses… Anyway, Dott and I ran and played for a long time and then I went over to the fence by the neighbor’s pasture to keep watch and make sure those neighbor dogs didn’t decide to come over.

After a little while, Mom noticed that Dott was no where to be seen. She called and called, and then Robert came out and called, and after several minutes Dott came running from the other side of the hill in the front pasture… Apparently, she had gone out of the fence line into the BLM land and found a really nice, mushy cow pie to roll in.

She did a very good job of covering the front half of her. I thought she looked cool and she thought she was big stuff, but apparently, Mom and Robert were NOT HAPPY. He snatched her up and gave her a bath and washed off all that lovely perfume she had used so profusely. Mom laughed and said that my grandma, Mist used to LOVE to do that, too. I think she only laughed because SHE didn’t have to give Dott the bath.

Poor Dottie… she didn’t get to come out again for the rest of the day…. (snicker…)


ocmist said...

You should have seen Dott... I had to photoshop this "dirty" pic of her because I didn't have my camera handy, but she was A MESS!!! Glad I didn't have to clean her!!!

ClassyChassy said...

Hi there - thought I hit the limit of finding corgi blogs! Isn't a dirty corgi such a happy corgi?? Cute story - I was thinking maybe the Arabian kicked the corgi or something, so glad it wasn't hurt!

Mango said...

Well, at least Dotti came back from her big adventure and she brought good sniffs with her (even if they got washed away).


Dozer and Coop said...

You gave her a bath? Geez, how is a corgi going to stand out if you keep giving baths and blowing off the perfume?

Love, Dozer, Dottie and Cooper

^..^Corgidogmama said...

What a tale today! Poor ol' Dotti, living in high heaven...briefly! The stinkier the corgi, the wider the smile. I take our corgi kids to see the ponies almost daily. They love it so! The ponies come up to the fence and nicker and frisk about, showing off for the dogs. What fun!

a corgi said...

LOL! Poor Dottie; what an adventure!! she was just having a little bit of fun and it got ruined with a bath!! sounds like a delightful day though!