Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Camping continued…

Hi, it’s me… BG, again. (Mom did a drawing of me, so I thought I'd use it today...) Another thing about camping that bothered me was collars and leashes. We don’t have to wear collars around our place because we only get out of our yard when Mom, Dad or Robert are around, and then we are scouting out places for fuzzies or other critters, and that involves going under things, etc. After getting hung up on things, losing several collars and having to replace tags and collars, etc., Mom just leaves them off until we are going somewhere. Then she calls and we put our noses up so she can drop our “collar ID’s” on us.

I don’t mind them for short periods or even a few hours if we go out while we are in town, but apparently, when you go camping, you have to have your collar ID on ALL THE TIME whenever you are outside!!! Not only that, but you also have to stay on a LEASH!!! What fun is it to go somewhere with all that huge park area and cool river and lake, and you can’t go exploring or playing out there? Mom took us on a few short walks, but Mama got so upset when she got left behind, and she can’t walk a lot anymore, so that was a problem for me.

We didn’t even get in a decent FRAP (Frantically Running And Playing) until about an hour before we had to leave, because that’s when everyone else had already left, so Mom felt that we could go FREE for a little while.

FREEDOM!!! What a wonderful feeling! That’s when camping got to be fun! I tried to make up for two days worth of exploring. I couldn’t help but FRAP for a good 5 minutes without stopping. Mom and Dad must have been happy too, because they laughed and laughed with me. Mama even frapped for about 20 feet and then she rolled and rolled on the grass, and got a big smile on her face.

I got to go down some really steep steps that had been cut into the bank of the river, get a drink, look around and take in a whole bunch of new and interesting sniffs. I had to go down by myself because the steps were to steep for either Mom or my mama to get down there, and that made mama a bit sad because she wanted to go to, but Mom wouldn’t let her. She said that mama wouldn’t have been able to get back up and might even have fallen if she tried.

She DOES have trouble on stairs, now-a-days. We have ramps at home for her for the stairs and to get on the bed, and sometimes Dad or Robert have to pick her up to get her up and down things. Dad even made a ramp for both Mom and mama to get into the trailer.

Mom is really having a fit because the picture place said that they wouldn’t have the pictures back until the end of the week, so she is going to have to do a “Camping Album” picture day once they get here. Meanwhile, she had a few pics from our trip to check out the place a couple of weeks ago to use.

Mama says that I am going to have to let Dott do this bloggie tomorrow so she can tell you about her visit with us. See you later!


ClassyChassy said...

So now we know what FRAP is!!! Thanks for enlightening us!

ocmist said...

I know most Corgi people know what it means, because you see it all over the place, but I don't know if everyone (my kids, etc.) who reads this would know...

^..^Corgidogmama said...

We learned very quickly about Frapping!
It's the oddest thing in the world to witness, isn't it? They just go cuckoo!
Our male Jake even does it in the motorhome!
Now that IS a sight!

Tee said...

ohhh ... FRAP is like the word Wild Stampeding, in our case ...

The Chief says Dog Woods is like the Wild Serengeti of Borneo. :p

Licks and wags

Tuffy of Dog Woods