Monday, March 16, 2009

Where to camp...

BG told me that he had posted a video of us at Lake Ming. I hope you liked it. Dad has borrowed a big trailer and wants to take Mom, BG and me on a road trip this weekend. This trailer has some beds, a bathroom, and even a kitchen in it. We’ve never been anywhere in something like this.

Mom says this really isn’t “camping” because she used to go "real camping" all the time with her family when she was little, but Dad says that if he is going to go, HE is going to sleep in something with a BED! He says his bones aren’t as good as they used to be, and Mom sort of agrees… I KNOW I sure do!!!

This should be pretty interesting. They checked out that lake and they are also looking at a couple of other campgrounds.

Mom wants to go someplace with water… either a lake or by the ocean. I think I probably prefer the lake because you can drink out of it and salt stings the eyes. With that big trailer, it would be hard to go down on the beach to camp, and neither Mom nor I are up to taking long walks anymore.

I think they are really leaning toward the lake, though there is another campground by a creek in the mountains that they are also considering.

BG is pretty excited about going on an “adventure.” I’ve been to Reyes Creek often in my life, and it’s not too bad. BG and Dott have even been there once before.

Dott is NOT happy that she has to stay home with her Master… She doesn’t want to leave him, but she wants to go, too. He might come to wherever we are, for one of the days, so that she can have a little fun, too. I guess we will see.


Tee said...

You are all so adorably cute!!!

Can we be fur friends?

Licks and Wags,

Tuffy of Dog Woods

Must Love Rats said...

Its lovely to meet another rat lover. We have boys because of the decreased chance of tumors but I must say I have soft spot for girls. My first ever rat was a little girl and she left permanent pawprints on my heart :) They are lovely animals! Your dogs are beautiful as well by the way

Mango said...

I agree that a lake sounds better because if you drink the ocean it makes you barf.

Momma says there is nothing wrong with wanting to sleep in a bed at night. She doesn't go to work everyday to sleep on the ground!