Monday, March 30, 2009

Camping is very interesting…

Hi, everyone. We are finally home. Camping is very interesting… Mom says that it is not at all the way it used to be. I’m not sure if I like it or not, myself. I’m so tired !!! There were a lot of interesting new sights and sounds… especially for Country Corgis like Mama and me.

Living in the country, you don’t see very many people on your territory and when you do, you can warn Mom and/or Dad, and then they will take care of it and let you know if those people are ok or not. I KNOW Mom and Dad didn’t know a lot of those people, but they still insisted that we be quiet or only “talk little” which is a little warning rumble deep in the chest. THAT is hard… especially with all those strange dogs talkin’ smack when they’d walk by. Mom said she was really proud of me, and that I listened and did real good.

I don’t mind people petting me if I’m off my home ground, not on guard duty or working, and I got a chance to meet some nice dogs and people, but there were a lot of others that I just didn’t trust… they smelled funny from stuff they drank, sounded loud and rude, or just didn’t seem trustworthy, and I worried about Mom.

Apparently when you are camping, there are PEOPLE ALL OVER THE PLACE!!! AND they are right in your back pocket… ALL NIGHT… I hardly got a wink of sleep both nights we were there! I felt that I should be on guard the whole time to warn Mom and Dad whenever someone came near, and those people were LOUD and up VERY LATE. I didn’t keep Mom or Dad awake, but whenever they woke up because someone was screaming (little kids playing tag until all hours), or yelling what Mom says were “chicken words”… or maybe she said they were “fowl ??,” they would find me sitting by the door giving quiet warnings… at least until Dad put me under his covers. Mom says people used to be nicer and think of others more.

It wasn’t ALL bad though, but, since we got home late and had to put up a lot of things, I’ll have to fill you in on the rest of our trip over the next few days. Mom apologizes because her digital camera died, and our little town doesn’t have a quick photo maker, so she won’t have a lot of the new pics until later in the week (if at all since she took an OLD camera with OLD film.) Good night... I'm going to bed!!!

Pee Ess... OOooops! I forgot to add the quick note Mom told me to put in about her newest grand-daughter being born, so now she will have to change her sidebar description to read 14 grandkids instead of 13 1/2! She weighed 5 lbs. and 6 oz. which is about what our cousin, Kisses (on the Chihuahua--Dad's-- side), weighs, and was 18 inches long... Isn't that the size of a good fish? (Don't let Mom know I asked that, cause you'd think that little girl was a puppy the way she fusses about her!!!)


Amber-Mae said...

Hello there Corgi gang! Welcome to Dogs With Blogs!

Belly jiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

ClassyChassy said...

What a nice report - and congrats on the new grandkid!!! WOW!

Tee said...

Wooo! Congratulations on the NEW grand daughter. Its a cause for celebration!

Licks and Wags

Tuffy of Dog Woods

Infrared Goggles said...

Watch out for those chicken words! I am going to use that one, too cute. :) Your babies look adorable, too.