Friday, March 6, 2009

Puppy Picture Challenge

Grammy’s sister is in town for her yearly visit, so we have been going to town for several days in a row. When we get home at night, Grammy has been pretty busy on the computer catching up on emails and writing on HER blog, so we haven’t been able to get on for several days now.

Yesterday, Grammy had to get up very early in the morning so that she could get into town to attend a funeral for a cousin that had been killed in a car accident. She tried to shut us in the house because Mama hasn’t been feeling good. Grammy didn’t want her to sit out by the gate like she does whenever Grammy leaves us, but Mama found a way to get out and was sitting there in the cold. Mama was really stiff and ouchy last night, so today, she said I could go ahead and write on her blog.

A few days ago, Grammy had shown us some pics of Ellie, Hawk’s new puppy friend. Mama and I talked about when BG and I were babies, and she showed us a bunch of the pictures my Master had taken of us, so I thought I’d share a few with you for the next couple of blogs… until Mama feels better, anyway.

She suggested that I ask some of our friends to post some of their puppy pictures, too. Humans really seem to like to see puppy pictures. We had one friend that Grammy’s sister rescued and fed and cleaned up several months ago. We think Smoochie probably looked a lot like a baby Mango, from Mango’s Great Adventures. Mango is a Mastiff. They took Smoochie to a no kill shelter on the coast and he was snatched up by a forever home right away. The shelter where they take their rescues always does a thorough research on the homes before they adopt a puppy out. Here’s a picture of Smoochie.

These are pictures of my brothers and me when we were only a few weeks old. I'm the one with the little dot on my neck and BG is the brown one WITHOUT the white on his neck.

I will try to get on again soon, if Grammy lets me, and let you see more. If any of you blogging buddies have baby pics, why don’t you share them with us, too! We’d love to see some of those MangoMinster contestant’s baby pics! Have a good weekend…


Mango said...

That DOES look like a baby Mangoman.

We love those baby pictures.


^..^Corgidogmama said...

Sweet, sweet pics!

DogzRock! said...

Oh those pics are pawsome.
I love you blog!!!
Would you like to follow each others blogs???
I hope so because you seem like a really grrrreat dog!!!

ocmist said...

Hey, Travis, I will run over and sniff around for peemail, ok!. I'll also tell my Mama, OC, as this is really her blog. Dott