Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Award for Cooper…

I’ve decided to start a club. It will be the “Dott’s Mighty Hunter Club Award.” We were going to call it “Dott’s Mighty Corgi Hunter Club Award,” but we have gotten so many other doggy breed friends that I took the Corgi part off.

Today’s award is for Cooper (who IS a Corgi... a cardigan) from “My Favorite People Are Dogs Blog.”

Since, apparently, he is new at this, I did go ahead and give him some adivce in his comment section. You can check if you are interested.

I know that we have read about a few other hunting dogs out there over the past month or so, like BG, who thinks HE should get this award too, but Mom says we can't give someone on our own blog an award as it's a "con-flicked of in-tourists." Anyway, if you have an “I got ‘em... hunting post," let me know and I will post an award for you too!

Mom's NOT real happy about this as she hates it when we catch something, but WE think that it's pretty neat, and I'm sure most of you doggy friends think it's quite an accomplishment too! After all, it IS our blog... Dott


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Oh well!

We have to do what is in our nature!


coopercreek said...

Deer Dott, Thank you berry much for dis oward. I berry hoppy to git it. One time when I waz wittle pup I did catch anuber bunny at our utter house where wotz of wabbitz could crawl unner der fince. But it been olmost four yearz ogo. Dis new house der wabbitz are olwayz on der utter side of der fince and finalwee one git in my yard. Shazaam!! I got it. But my mum olwayz take it awayz from me. Not fair! but thankz ogain. Wub, Cooper

a corgi said...

what a great award to give! and so totally deserved too for Cooper!


Alicia said...

How cute!!!!

Alot of people have asked us if our puppy is a corgi, but she definitely looks like part chihuahua!! But, she is the same color as your Dot!

Infrared Goggles said...

Cool idea, great fun!

Angela said...

My girls ~ Two and Jazz ~ want to join your huntin club! They just love to go huntin! hehehe

I also want to tell you I have an award waiting for you at my blog!


ocmist said...

Hey, Two and Jazz, send me the link to the hunting post on your blog and I will post it here and send you your award! Hunting sure is fun!

And thanks so much for our award, too! We left you a thank you comment! We really appreciate it... OC, BG & Dott

Buttercup said...

Your blog is so cute!