Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Back to Business as Usual...

Hey, Mango. You must really be getting famous! Dad just came home with a bottle of alligator’s ade that is named after you! Just thought you’d like to know. Mom seems to like it. She also likes a fruit that is named after you, and it’s not bad. She gave me a little taste this weekend.

Well, it was an interesting weekend. That oldest son of Mom’s came and stayed here for a couple of days. I know it made Mom really happy to have him here. He seemed kind of nice. He petted Mama OC and me a lot, and even Sadie, but Dott was pretty stuck up about it. It was a little weird seeing someone that looked so much like Dad running around.

Mom says it’s her Chi showing up. She oofed and oofed under her breath and wouldn’t let him touch her… silly girl! She missed all the petting and treats that the rest of us got, though he did toss her a few pieces.

Sunday, we went into town and Mom got to see 3 more of her 6 kids and 5 of her 14 grandkids. I think she had a good Mother’s Day. I wished Mama OC a good Mother’s Day, too.

Yesterday, Mom’s son went back to Vegas to catch a plane back to Florida. She heard he got back safely today, and that made her feel better. She was kind of sick last night with an upset stomach. Al least we got to eat some of her crab legs and BBQ ribs because she didn’t want them…. YUMMY!!! She stayed in bed late this morning, too, so Dotty went in and laid down with her.

Today, it was back to the diet… our regular crunchies and some carrots. I think I like being “spoiled” MUCH better!!! Mom says I’m “waisting away”… I actually have a waist now. She seems to think that is a good thing.

Poor Auntie was on the short list today several times. Mom caught her up on the waterbed eating the jerky off of the tall shelf, when she’s told her before not to do that. She had to stay outside for a time-out for awhile, and when Mom chased her outside, she found that Auntie Sadie had also gotten into her purse and taken out a bag of the snacks she keeps in there for her grandkids. While she was outside, Sadie caught a young, part grown dove for her breakfast. Mom wasn’t to happy when she carried THAT into the house either, and took it away from her.

Mama was ready to “Woop up on Auntie…” when she heard Mom getting after her, so SHE had to stay in the Frontroom with the door shut for a while, too.

Me and Dott were really good, though and stayed back out of the line of fire, just peeking out until Mom called us and told us we were good dogs and then we came wiggling all the way over to her and got petted and some treats for being so good. I think it’s smarter to be good!


Infrared Goggles said...

I just love the photo of you with Dotty, too precious!!!

Christina said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by our blog. It will be great to keep up with your adventures!

Pruett and Daphne

Diego Dog said...

You are right! It's better to be good.

Diego Dog