Thursday, May 14, 2009

Freedom and FUN!!!

Note: I wrote this Wednesday night to post Thursday, but our computer and/or internet is having problems and Mom spent over 5 hours yesterday trying to get this vid uploaded, gave up and finally got it to load today... (If we disappear for awhile, then you know it was the computer... :( )

We got out TWICE today!!! We went out for our morning walk with Robert to go get the mail. As usual, Mom didn't want Auntie Sadie to go, and I kept telling her to leave poor old Auntie alone!

We saw a quail…

and some kill-deer.
Mom wonders if it is the pair that raised some chicks here last year.

The neighbor dogs came half way across their pasture yelling at us. Robert got video, but Mom accidentally erased that one while trying to load it onto the computer. It’s a new camera and she doesn’t know how to work it well, yet. She was pretty upset! We were really good too, and didn't go under the fence and onto their property... this time...

This evening, Mom took us out with her when she fed. Robert had put Dancer and Tuffy into the back pasture, and moved Cory out into his corral with the gate opened so he can get into the side pasture, too. As you can see, Tuffy has almost shed out completely and is now gold instead of cream colored.

We all got to run in the side pasture until dusk started to settle...

Mom called us in so that the coyote that comes out then wouldn’t get us.

Personally, I think that with Auntie Sadie with us, we could take on that old song dog… NO PROBLEM!


^..^Corgidogmama said...

Another adorable post. I'm going to research chorgis, because I think it makes a great little dog! Love all your pups, and their antics.

May :) said...

nice hat that corgi has on in the last pic :P

check out the new writing competition on the writing room. would love to receive an entry from you :)

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Rut roh!

Your little legs wouldn't stand a chance getting away from the khlever khoyote!

I'm sure woo did have fun though!


ocmist said...

That little rascal, Dott, can RUN!!! She and Sadie started out at the same place one time, after a rabbit, and she passed her Auntie!!! Both were running at top speed! Of course, I still won't take the chance with that coyote. (OC's Mom)

Welcome, Khyra! Dott

Cathy Santarsiero, "The Christmas Corgi" said...

As soon as I played the video all of the Corgis here started barking at your barking Corgis. Too funny. Have a happy weekend, Linda! xo Cat ^..^
p.s. I left a reply note for you on my poor neglected 'farm' :)

Leslie Moore said...

Your horses are beautiful! I'm so jealous. Wish I had a barn full of animals and a house full of dogs!

ClassyChassy said...

The horses look content and happy! Ours have almost shed out now - some belly hair and hair on their faces - it won't be long now!