Friday, May 1, 2009

We're Back From Ventura...

Hi, Everyone! We are back. I’m going to have to check out what Dott’s been blogging on while we were away.

Dad had to go to work Monday thru Wednesday this week in Ventura and since Mom has gotten those Retired mints, we got to go with him. I’ve gone with them before when he had to go during a time when Mom had a vacation, but this was BG’s first time to go and stay at an Inn. I’ll let him tell you his story later.

We stayed at our usual place, in Ventura. It is called the La Quinta Inn, and is on Valentine Road in Ventura, CA. Mom got permission for me to tell you about it from the people there. We found it on when she was checking out rates. That site, by the way has places all over the U.S. that are “Dog Friendly.”

Dad’s work got him the room for Monday thru Wednesday, but when Mom decided to go, she went online and found that the La Quinta Dad usually stays at, was mentioned on DogFriendly and the rates were very good. Since he already had a reservation, we called and got the room for Sunday night as well, as an internet discount.

We’ve always loved going there because the room are always in great shape and mostly because they are VERY pet friendly… they don’t even charge extra for them. Of course, even though I normally love to talk… a lot.. LOUDLY... I learned long ago that isn’t acceptable when we stay in a hotel, etc. so I am very good when I am there and just grumble a bit under my breath mostly, when I hear people going by or the other dogs barking.

Almost every person that I saw had a dog with them. There were poodles, doxies, long-haired fuzzy dogs… maybe Shit-zu mixes (?), and an old border collie, just to name a few. They have some small grassy areas and wood chipped areas for pee-mail, and a big dirt lot across the parking lot, too. Of course, Mom always carries a baggy to clean up after us, and she wishes all the dog owners would do that.

The whole company’s policy in their over 700 locations across the country is to be pet friendly. I guess that is a lot of places… I don’t count that high, but that means you might find one wherever you are traveling. They have free high-speed internet access in all of their Inns, and some even have wireless access… like where we stayed. Mom was in what she called “Seventh Heaven” a lot.

Another thing Dad and Mom liked was the free breakfasts. Where we stayed, they have a Belgian waffle maker that makes waffles in 2 minutes! They are really good, only Mom wouldn’t share very much with us… just a couple of bites each. They also had bread for the toaster, butter and jelly, several fruit juices, different fresh fruits, yogurt, hard boiled eggs, and hot and cold cereals.

Some rooms have a little fridge and a microwave, and we were blessed this time to get one of them, though Dad says sometimes he’s not so lucky. We also had a coffee maker, T.V., and a hair dryer which Mom really liked. They even had an iron and ironing board and places to do laundry, but we weren't there long enough to need those.

Mom and Dad used the spa, but BG and I weren’t allowed in the pool or spa areas, which was ok with us cause the chlorine on Mom’s suit when she came back was a bit hard on the nose. They have ice machines and snack machines, too!

And, best of all for Mom and Dad (except for BG and I getting to go, of course) was HOT, RUNNING WATER! Since we haven’t had running water at our place for the past several months, that was another thing Mom said had her in “Seventh Heaven,” because she got to take a LONG hot shower! (She doesn’t feel right about using to much of her sister’s water when we are in town, so they only take short ones there.)

Personally, I didn’t see the big deal about a shower or bath. I don’t care much for them, myself. I love to get into water when it’s my own idea, or it is to cool off in my pool or a creek or something, but SOAP! Yuck!!! And THEN they usually use a hair dryer because they don’t want you to roll and get muddy, and you end up looking like you licked a light socket with all the fluffiness THAT leaves you with!


Angela said...

Your corig's are soooo beautiful! I wish I were as brave as you are to travel with your fur babies! I wish we could but I'm afraid of what she would do while we were gone in someone elses home and I would never leave her in the truck. So she stays at a ladies home who boards at her house. She has a really nice set up but I'm afraid that I miss and worry about my girls while I'm away!

May :) said...

hehe! another drooler, eh?
travis does look like BG but much bigger!
it would be great to have your poems on the site, i am in desperate need of submissions on the (w)riting room!

maya xx

Dances with Corgis said...

Love the bath photo! Those ears are so far back, so heart-warming :)