Friday, May 29, 2009

Just a Little Snack…

Like Mama OC told you a while back, Mom has had us ALL on a diet. She isn’t putting out the food bowls now and leaving them out. She puts them down, watches us eat, and if we walk away (like to check out someone else’s bowl, which is simply a NORMAL part of eating) she picks the bowl up and puts it away! We are getting desperate!

Yesterday evening, Auntie Sadie decided that she was going to do something about it, and went hunting. Mom noticed she wasn’t around, but she was busy catching up on emails, and I kept on distracting her if she looked up.

Auntie was lucky and caught a half grown rabbit. She brought it in (very quietly) and took it into Mom and Dad’s bedroom to clean out the innards and then eat her fill. Finally, she let me have some. Boy was I a happy camper! I brought out the head and part of the skin and laid down beside Mom’s foot to eat.

I figured that she might get the hint if she saw that we were doing OUR part in getting food for ourselves. She was so busy that she didn’t notice for awhile. Then, Dad decided he was going to get up from his chair and go to bed, so he had her look around to make sure none of us were under the foot part of his recliner... and that’s when she noticed me chewing on the bunny’s head an inch or so from her foot.

Good grief! She’s seen dead rabbit parts before… maybe not in the living room… inches from her foot… SUDDENLY… Did you know that Mom’s can ROAR!!! I HAVE big ears! I USED TO hear perfectly well! I did the wise thing and levitated to the other end of the room and THEN peeked back around the corner.

She calmed down a bit and told me to stay there, then mumbled something about getting the camera because no one would believe it. I just wanted to get my rabbit head and go outside, but she had Dad keep watch until she took (or tried to take) pictures using that new camera that is supposed to have a light... but she couldn’t get it to work. She finally found a flashlight and tried that way. She told me to take it outside, but after her first reaction, I didn't think I should go near it.

THEN, she grabbed it and threw it outside! MY RABBIT HEAD!!! AND I’M STARVING!!! Needless to say, after all of that, Dad wasn’t to happy with Auntie Sadie for cleaning the innards out of her meal on the floor beside his bed, which he found when he finally got in there. (No pics cause Mom said you wouldn't appreciate them...)

Dad’s can ROAR too! Sadie disappeared… Mom had to go get a ziplock bag and pick up the pieces, etc. Neither of them are very happy with me and Auntie today… Dott had already gone to bed and Mama made herself pretty scarce too when the “grisly discovery” as Mom calls it, was made. Sadie wasn't happy to find out that she is ineligible for the hunting award because she's part of the family, too.

Mama’s mad at Auntie for getting me in trouble and “corrupting a minor.” I’m not sure what that means because I really don’t dig enough to be called a miner... at least I don’t think so…


♥ Maya ♥ said...

cute pictures! hehe!

and yes, you were right when you saw the opening lines of my latest poem. I did lose another of my pets. Dear little Edward. You'll probably think I'm silly, writing that poem because my fish died but he was a wonderful fish and he didn't live long enough. My last fighting fish lived out the whole expected lifespan for his species but poor Edward was only a few months old. He didn't show any sign of illness until he died. His stomach was a little swollen, I guess, but he was still eating and behaving as normal.
It came as a horrible shock.

thanks for your comment, you always write so much! keep up the great commenting :)

Maya xx

Martha Basset said...

What a great thing to catch your own food! Your humans amaze us - you would think they would be grateful!
We heard your mom saying the bunny was nasty - sounded delicious to us. We will never understand humans and to want to throw the head out!
Now in Scotland when they hunt and catch a Stag they take the head and put it on the wall - so they can admire it! Show everyone how clever they are. You have a bunny head that you were clever enough to hunt and kill and throw it away.....
Well we are speechless. Bad luck about the dieting guys - we know how you feel as we have both recently been spayed and the vet is insisting on weight checks!
Fortunately we were both underweight to start with although we are certainly getting rounder now...
Our mum enjoyed your post - she was laughing away at the computer.
Sometimes we worry about her - if they take her away who will look after us?
love and kisses
Martha & Bailey xxx

a corgi said...

oh my gosh, Linda, what a story!!! that poor innocent rabbit. Both me and my hubby read this story and looked at Koda and said to him "don't you ever think about doing this".

Koda can so relate to you guys, OC. He's on a diet too and he's not happy about it either. But you got to do what you got to do to keep you little critters happy!

thanks for the morning laugh, Linda, and the kind words of welcome you did for me in my corgi blog :)


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Bunny Bits!

I bet they are furry yummy!

Sorry about the food redukhtions! I don't have those issues but I khan feel fur woo that do!

PeeEssWoo: Tank woo fur the LB Award - I saw it yesterday and will inkhlude it next Thursday!!!

Angela said...

Oh, that is awful! Just gross! I'm so glad that my girls are outside girls!


Kritter Keeper said...

loved your post but that is totally disgusting! one time maybe around 3 am i found nugget outside eating a rabbit and i grabbed it and threw it where he could not get it (electronic collar)...a few days later, same thing, he had caught a bunny. but this time, he saw me coming and literally gobbled this adult rabbit within seconds and by the time i got there, the entire body, complete head and all the fur was in his stomach. and this is my sweet golden retriever!!! dogs!!

Diego Dog said...

Hehehehe...funny post. My Mom's nieces always say they love Auntie. Aunties are fun!

Diego Dog

Meg said...

That must have been one of the funniest entries I've read in a long time! (gross, but funny) Thanks for not posting the innard pix.