Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Apologies and 6 Week Old Pics

We just want to apologize for skipping a couple of days of our blog. Grammy, Robert AND Papa have all been hot and barking around here for several days now. Grammy even had to go to the doctor, and it sounded like she thinks we aren’t doing out job around here because she said something about feeling like someone had beaten her with a 2x4! She must REALLY be sick if she thinks we would allow anyone in here to hurt her! Wonder if she is having hallucinations?

I PROMISE… we DID NOT allow ANYONE in here! Good grief, we’ve all been laying around her or Papa so close they’ve about tripped over us whenever they’ve had to move!
I don't know why she'd say something like that! I also don’t think it is helping that we are having a huge dust storm outside today.

Well, on to the weekly pics…

The puppies are growing so FAST! They can also run pretty fast now, and can almost keep up with me. Their little ears are sticking out from their heads now instead of hanging straight down and Neelix even has one ear that is almost up except for the tip. Mercy’s ears are up if she has her head tipped up even a little bit. Grammy thinks those two will finish getting their ears up this week.

Gimli weighs 7 pounds now, and Grammy thinks he is getting really handsome. He and Mercy are VERY good about getting out to the back door and whining to go out. Grammy put down some Puppy pads in case she doesn’t see them and open the door on time. She still has pads down around their box, too, because Neelix and sometimes Grace will use those if they are there.

Mercy’s growth is starting to slow down a bit. She’s just touching the 6 pound mark. She’s a smart little rascal, and reminds Robert and Grammy of Mama OC when she was little. She also tends to go exploring a lot further out than anyone other than Neelix, and they have to chase her down at night when they are outside so that she doesn’t get to far away and become a tempting morsel for the owl.

Neelix is still much smaller, weighing in at only 5 pounds. As I mentioned before, one of his ears is almost standing up now. His ears are more pointy and smaller than the other pups… a lot like his great-grandma, Mist. He still has his “small man” complex, and is super feisty.

Gracie fell behind Gimli in the growth chart this week and weighs in at 6 and a half pounds now. She is lightening up more in her coloration and getting redder.

Here is a picture of me with
Gracie to show how big she is… almost half my size, if not half my weight. Well, Grammy is starting to bark again, so I better get off. She’s sleeping a lot more while she is sick. Hope we can get on again soon, but no promises for this week. Oh, and we will be getting behind in reading all of our friend’s blogs, too, probably, but we are keeping you all in our thoughts and wishing you all well!


chicamom85 said...

I hope all of your people get better soon, I hate when my Mommy is sick. Do your best to snuggle and comfort them. The babies are so cute. Mommy still wants Gracie, she is our favorite, but we love them all. Its just my thoughts, but between taking care of all the puppies and you and not feeling good, I don't think anyone should worry about blogging. I am sure everyone understands. I will look forward to seeing you all when all is well.

licks and sniffs, Sasha

Martha Basset said...

We do hope all your humans are getting better! They have had lots of work to do recently and it sounds like they might have a nasty virus.
The pups just could not get any cuter!
We are glad we live so far away cos otherwise we could not resist having a pup or two or three......xxxxxx

a corgi said...

Linda; hope you feel better soon!! nasty bugs out there this year; drink plenty of fluids and lots of rest!

oh my gosh these puppies just keep getting cuter!!! amazing how much they've grown too in just 6 weeks!


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

How do puppies do THAT?

Keep getting khuter and khuter?

We hope all are feeling better SOON!


Mango said...

Six weeks already? Wow. They will be going to their furever homes before you know it.


^..^Corgidogmama said...

Oh my, they have turned into little dogs now! Even more cute with their ears up and the markings showing more on their faces.
You all get better soon. Wish those dog kids could do the dishes and household chores to give you even more rest. Golly, Dott will be the smallest one in the house pretty soon!

ClassyChassy said...

Get well soon! Lovely pups -- growing up so fast! I can't believe how big they are next to Dott! HUGE!