Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Arachnophobes & Ophidiophobics Beware!

Gimli: Dare was a BIG, ugly spider that reared up at us and GrandPaw saveded us!

Guess WHAT!! Papa has decided that he is going to keep me and he gived me a new name. I am Pippin! Pip, for short, now!

BG: It is THAT time of the year! The Tarantulas are ON THE MOVE!
You can see them out hunting for their mates on the roads as you drive around this area. This year isn’t too bad, according to Mom, as they’ve only seen one or two a day on the roads going into town.
Well, guess what!!!??? We found one in the back yard where the puppies were playing. I thought their GrandPaw, Robert, was going to have a coronary!

He wouldn’t even let the pups check it out, but hurriedly got an old Hockey stick to pick it up with and put it out of the yard. How, I ask you, are they to LEARN things if they aren’t given the chance to sneak up on things like that!

At least he let us older ones out so that we could get a closer look at it. (Linda: At this point there WAS a video of Dott, BG & Sadie getting a close look, but heavy winds and dust storms cause problems for dial-up... or Blogger has refused to load it for the past TWO DAYS... GROWL!!! I gave up! )

Not only are the Tarantulas OUT, but the snakes are starting to come IN. I guess it is getting kind of cold out for them, so they try to find warm places to stay, and our hay room is usually nice and warm. Mom was a bit surprised when my little ex-mistress went out to help feed the horses and noticed this fellow visiting.

Mom looked at him really well and saw that he wasn’t a poisonous type, so was happy to have him in the tackroom to help keep the mice down. She IS being rather more careful to look around, though when she goes out to feed now. Garter snakes might not have BIG fangs, but they’ve got a lot of sharp little teeth that would hurt if they latched on to you! This one was about 4 ft. long... almost as long as a bale of hay!

Apparently, Dad has decided to keep that little "Pip Squeak," and I've been finding him in MY Dad's lap a lot lately. I am NOT very happy about that even though Dad says he still loves me, too and we will soon be great friends... Yeah?... Right! (Dripping sarcasm...)


Mango said...

Mom would not be happy if she even saw one of those giant scary spiders. And snakes too? Eesh.


ClassyChassy said...

I don't care for the small spiders around here - and I'm thankful we don't have big'uns like the one you showed on your video!
Just knew it - - one pup is staying - how about the rest??? You can't send em down the road!!! AWWWWW!

Angela said...

I'm so glad that you are going to keep one of the pups! It would be hard to let the others go too for me! I just can't imagine having spiders that big around my house! My 5yob had a lady bug that flew onto his glasses and he took them off and threw them onto the ground and stepped on them trying to kill the lady bug! His glasses were broke needless to say! He has only had them since the beginning of August. Thank God there is a 1 time replacement on them!

I'm not sure if I could live with any snake around my house or barn. I just don't like them.


seeking the truth said...

that is one big snake, Linda! I can see your point in having it around if it is not poisonous to help with pest control.

So glad Pippin will be staying with the family! I know it will be hard to see the others go though

wow amazing the size of the tarantulas!!

you are right, it has been very breezy here and continues to be so today too!


MAX said...

Hey there guys
What an interesting post! We love hearing about ALL the creatures that share our planet with us. As you know, mom is a bit freaked out when near spiders, but it doesn't stop her fascination. Those tarantulas look amazing. How do the dogs handle them? I know that if our TOFFEE saw one, he would strip it apart.
Thanks for sharing all of that with us all. Pip looks very cute!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Linda...if I had seen that snake or spider, I would have been in Colorado in a flash! Ohhhhhh, you're having your Halloweenie spooky stuff early!
Those pups are just so cute. It would be hard to part with any of them. I have to feel sorry for BG though, as he's always been Dad's boy. Take care all...always fun to stop by and see what's up your way!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

What a grrrreat and furry khool post!

Pippin is a grrreat name too!


Angela said...

Hey Linda!

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog today! I would love it if you would join in on my new meme Tuesdays' Show & Tail! I try to get my post up on Monday evenings because I'm not usually home in the mornings. You can post any time after I get it up even late Tuesday is fine with me!

Hope you don't get anymore of those scary critters in your yard or barn!


Anonymous said...

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