Saturday, October 3, 2009

GrandPaw Built Us a Puppy Playground!

Mercy: GrandPaw made us a Puppy Playgwound! Do you be-wieve it!?

Gimli: We aw having so much FUN and lowrning a LOT!

Grace: We wewren’t vewy happy when he fust put us in cause it was so bay-wr, but it did have someting cawd a doe-wr.

Neelix: We could go fwom one worwld to an udder. Is dat enough wittin’ fow today, Mom?

Dott: Yes, Dears… Now you can go and play.

Hi, everyone! We are trying to get the little ones to learn a lot of things while they are still young, so, sometimes, I might have them write a line or two. After all, I wrote a book when I was about 6 months old, and THAT takes a lot of work!

I talked it over with my Dad and we decided that the little ones needed to have a lot of stimulation for their little brains, so we came up with a Puppy Playground for them to play in during the daytime. They will also be using it to sleep in this weekend because Little Bear is coming down for the weekend, and Grammy is SOOOO HAPPY! He wasn’t allowed to stay here during the time we didn’t have running water. I don’t know why… Must be a people thing!

Anyway, Dad got two big boxes and put them together, then cut a puppy-sized door between them (so that they could learn about doggy doors. I don’t think they were to impressed when they first started to check it out…

Next, he put in steps for climbing, and made the big step into a short tunnel. (Oh, Dad says to apologize that it sounds like Darth Vader takes these pictures, but he thought you might like to hear the puppy sounds) They thought it was a bit more interesting, but still whined about not having enough to play on…

Then, their GrandPaw thought about trying to put in a Teeter-Totter. They thought that was interesting, but it was a bit short and didn’t work right. They had fun playing with it for a little bit, though.

Next, Dad put in bedding, a tent, and a swinging squirrel… never to young to learn to attack squirrels, after all! He also added a water bowl and food dish in the “Bedroom” side, and a couple of disks (for mirrors) in the playground side.

There is more, but this has to be short as Grammy has to get ready to leave to go on the long drive to pick up Little Bear, and I keep having to stop to break up Puppy fights… That Neelix and his A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E! He has gotten into fights with all three of his siblings during the time I’ve been trying to write this, and brought them to screams, except Grace who just got ticked and got in a BIG fight until he decided to leave HER alone. Good grief! Grammy finally put him in a time out in MY chair, which is my refuge from the little “land pirrahnas…” (said lovingly... sort of...)

Mercy ran to Grammy to be picked up and “saved.” She gave her totally enthusiastic kisses all over her face for saving her. Had Grammy totally giggling and sniffing up puppy breath by the lung fulls! She says she has to get in a lot of extra sniffs in for all her friends, who are lacking puppies… WHATEVER…

Either me or Mama OC will post the rest of the playground later. Have a great weekend!


^..^Corgidogmama said...

Who needs Disneyland when the pups have a playground like this! Wow!@! How clever to have come up with this. You should perfect and mass produce these, you're really on to something....they just played and were stimulated, and tried everything out didn't they? Fantastic idea!!

ClassyChassy said...

Great playground idea - kind of like a mini-agility course! How entertaining! Those wee ones are growing up fast!!! Love them all!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

It soooo looks like fun fun fun!


a corgi said...

hope you enjoy your visit with Little Bear; I bet he will enjoy spending time with the puppies!

cute little playground for exploring and playing in :)


Martha Basset said...

We are so impressed by your Grandpaw's imagination.
How lucky you all are to have humans who think so much about you.
It is important for little puppies to learn about lots of things - writing a blog is good!
If Martha had learned some of these things as a puppy she would now be a braver, more confident dog!
lots of love
Martha & Bailey xxx

Mango said...

Those must be special agilities corgis, huh? In training already I see.