Thursday, October 1, 2009

They’re Eating By Themselves…

My grandbabies are starting to eat by themselves now, so my Dotter is having a chance to rest more. She is pretty happy about that because their teeth aren’t so little anymore, and she doesn’t want to spend a lot of extra time in the box.

About a week ago, Mom started teaching them about eating by holding them and letting them lick spoonfuls of canned puppy food mixed with puppy formula. Here are some vids of the way they started learning to eat last week.
First, Mercy, took her turn…

Then little Gracie tries out this new stuff…

And then Gimli… he took to it a lot faster than any of the others. He is bigger than all of the others too, though.

Gimli ate so fast THAT day that he ended up getting the hiccups and went to sleep in Mom’s arms.

Little Neelix was NOT having any of it at that time, though he is finally starting to eat some now that the others are eating off of a plate. I guess he had to see the others doing it to learn how, and he is the one that DOESN’T want to be held (confined) in any way. They are still holding him some, every night, though, because he needs to get used to it a little.

After they have eaten, they like to play around with each other for 15 to 20 minutes before taking a nap. I guess they are all "energized."

I went around and sat beside Mom and gave her a hug while we watched my little grandchildren.

The next day, Mom and Robert brought the pups out and let them explore again. They are all pretty curious and love looking around in the Front Room when they get the chance to get out. As usual, Mercy takes the exploration lead.

> Here she is checking out Sadie and vice versa… it made Dott a bit nervous and she told Sadie that she had better be careful with the babies! I guess she forgot the way she loved to play with Sadie when she was tiny, and how gentle Sadie was with her, but then, I've never really trusted Sadie either...

After that, Sadie was careful not to look too closely. I also came out and told her “NO touching!” I guess Mercy decided that she'd better leave.

I went over and warned little Grace to be careful, too, and then followed Mom.

Well, I’d best close for now. Bet you can tell I’m proud of my grandpups! Just wait until you see the playground their GrandPaw Robert built for them!


Mango said...

Poor Sadie.
I am the same way with pups. I am most interested in them, but if they are too interested in me I give them a quick head butt. They need to respect their elders, I say.


MAX said...

Yes, they are growing, but they are still sooooo tiny! Very cute pictures and post though. We can see that you are proud grandparents.
Lots of licks

a corgi said...

oh my gosh, Linda; you must not get anything done around the house with these little pups. I would want to hold them and cuddle them all day long!

they are sooo cute!

they are corgis; they will get the hang of eating; looks like they had a good start to it too!

poor Sadie; she did look very gentle when the pups were coming to say hi, but it was good that Dott was trying to protect her little ones

very cute videos :)


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

They just keep getting khuter and khuter!


Angela said...

They sure are growing up way too fast! The babies are soooo cute! Thanks for letting us share in their adventures!