Thursday, March 11, 2010

Abject Apologies… By Gimli

I am just SO SORRY! Grandma OC had a talk with me and explained that I had done a TERRIBLE thing! My only excuse is that I’m only 6 months old and sometimes forget some of the blogging rules, and Grammy seems to have had a brain fart and forgot, too, when she edited my post.

I want to apologize to Mango, and Betty & Koda, for forgetting to put in the link to their blogs when I mentioned them as the winners in Mercy’s Contest! Also, to Dory, when I gave her Mercy's message. I should know better by now, I guess, but Grammy is the one that caught it. She woke up this morning and thought about the post being a lot about our new friend, Bender, and suddenly realized that we’d not put in the links to her TOTALLY long time friends, and she felt so bad after they’ve been so good to her!

Khyra mentioned that she could feel the ground shaking from Mango’s jumping up and down for joy, and we were wondering if that triggered any small earthquakes to register on the seismologist’s scales in that area? And yes, Mango… You ARE the cleverest Mango we know!!!

I also noticed that Twinkietinydog, had a typical Chihuahua ATTITUDE… you know… the ATTITUDE is ten times the size of the dog…!!! We LOVE ya, Twink ! (Actually, it’s the size of your big old heart, though, I guess!) We expect you to win in the next round of Mercy’s Mystery! After all, with all that traveling you’ve been doing all over the world, you’ve probably just got a huge case of jet lag!

Candy & Captain are little Chihuahua/mix doggies, though, and they were pretty sweet (of course, I guess that goes with the name, Candy). With their little sizes, we can see how they would come up with the idea of “Pupsicles” when they saw all that snow!

Poor Chatty Crone, with her allergies to the animals that she TOTALLY loves, but can’t have, loves the idea of the Peanut Butter cookies, but since they are made for dogs, she probably won’t even be able to eat any. You should all go over and give her some virtual doggy licks and hugs so she can “feel the love” from all our wonderful furry friends, too!

We’ve got to get this post done early today because Grammy has to pack to go on an overnight working trip with Papa to the coast early tomorrow morning. She is still not sure who she is going to take with her. I’m voting for me, since Grandma OC isn’t walking well anymore, Uncle BG has that gimpy leg right now, and I’m getting really good at picking things up for Grammy.

She says there is a Dog Park in Ventura, according to the Dog Friendly site, and she would like to see me get to go run and play there, but, she is worried about Grandma OC, and doesn’t want to miss out on opportunities to share time with her, and she says they don’t HAVE to go to the Dog Park this time. (Put your tongue back in your mouth, Grandma! How RUDE!!!)

She isn’t sure who Papa is going to take. He could chose BG if they aren’t going to the park, but he is still doing “bonding time” with Pippin, because he really wants a dog that will love him like his Mist (my great-grandma) did, and will leave everyone else at night to go into the bedroom with him when he goes to bed. Pippin has started to do that lately, and it’s really made Papa happy.

We will be staying at the La Quinta in Ventura again, because they are so great to dog people. It’s too bad that the Hotel only allows TWO dogs!

Since Grammy is home almost every day, I’ve already become a “Velcro dog,” as she puts it, and she hates to disappoint me, too! Decisions, decisions… The suspense is KILLING ME! As you’ve seen, though, I’m taking it out on the deer antler and not Grammy’s shoes…

I’m doing the “mind-meld corgi stare,” and saying “You want to take ME… ME…” Newspapers? What Newspapers, Grammy? Those behind me? I've never seen them before... Look deep into my eyes... "ME... You want to take MEEEE..."


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I thought I felt the earth move under my paws and pantyloons!

Have a nice trip!

Khyra & Khousin Merdie

That corgi :) said...

Gimli, I hope you get to go! too cute you are a velcro dog!! no worries you forgot to link back; we know you are learning the ropes of blogging

safe travels :)


Mango said...

Oh no worries. I liked being clever and getting your award for sure. Now if I can just convince that DOH to post it.


P.S. That Twinkie dog kind of scares me. Don't tell, OK?

The Brown Recluse said...

You sure are cute for six months old! I hope you get to go on your trip.
I hope Pippin becomes Papa's velcro dog. Everyone needs a love like that!

Chatty Crone said...

Six months old - you're still a baby and babies make mistakes. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

I hope you get to go.

I hope grammy's leg gets better and she starts getting up and walking.

I didn't even know there were things like dog friendly information.

Yes and I am the sad bloke who is allergic - man it is so sad - not allergic to peanut butter though.

I love Pugs and Corgi's and since I can't have any - these blogs satisfy my longings and I have made some dear friends in the process.

Have a good trip and hope you heal soon.

God Winks.


^..^Corgidogmama said...

What a bunch of much loved corgi kids! Wouldn't it be fun if you could all go?
Love that term, velcro dog...that's a hoot.
Hugs and biskeys to all...we sure love you guys.
Jake, Addie and Corgidogmama

Twix said...

I say they take all of you but only let two dogs out at a time. No one will ever catch on!

Martha and Bailey said...

Gimli, it is hard to train as a blogging dog.
There is just so much to learn with blog posts to write, links to friends etc etc.
We are impressed at how well you do for such a young doggie!
love and kisses
Martha & Bailey xxx