Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dott’s Camping Story

Hi! FINALLY I get a chance to tell you about MY visit to the camping place! First, I don’t think that it was very fair for everyone to sneak off! I think BG must have told them that I was thinking about stowing away, because they TRICKED me!!! After they packed everything up, my Master said he had to go into town to take a shower (We STILL don’t have running water… Haven’t for over 6 weeks now) and he took me with him. When we got back… THEY WERE GONE!!!

Now I ask you, was that FAIR?!!! I made sure my Master knew I wasn’t a happy camper (that’s a punny joke… get it?) and he had to give me lots of extra lovin’ and jerky treats! I still sat in my recliner and pouted most of the night and he had to make me my special doggy dish with the happy face of jerky on a nice bed of cheese on top of my regular food.

Saturday, though, I finally talked him into taking me out to where they were camping so that the entire weekend wasn’t a bust. We got there in the early afternoon, and I found out about the stupid leash thing, and had to listen to BG whine about that. I did a little of the “Mohawk” thing at him and let him know that I was NOT happy that they had tricked me. He and mama were really happy to see me, though, so I finally relented and we did a lot of kisses and tushy sniffs all around.

They filled me in on the rules, and I think I did ok… I couldn’t help it if a few little “oofs” escaped under my breath. Well, got to go for now… I’ll finish filling you in tomorrow!

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ClassyChassy said...

What a cute take on the camping misadventures - they should not sneak off like that - not fair!