Monday, June 1, 2009

Little Bear Weekend

This weekend,

one of Mom’s grandsons...

we call him Little Bear...

came down for the weekend.

This is one of our favorite kids.

He doesn’t run or chase us, but plays quietly with Mom,

or listens to Dad read books.

He also sits with us and pets us nicely, and,

best of ALL, has us do tricks and gives us treats!

He loves to have us do our tricks for him,

and WE love to get all the extra treats.

Mom’s a pushover for him

and always gives him a handful of little bits of jerky that she has cut up.

We wish he could come over more often!


Mango said...

Its nice when family comes over, isn't it. You get special loving and special treats.

Pee-Wee says he saw some sort of giant furry corgi at the dog event on Sunday. It had furs like a husky dog.


Martha Basset said...

Little Bear sounds like the perfect house guest who can happily visit any time!
Even better when you get extra treats!
Martha & Bailey xxx

Meg said...

Little bear sounds adorable, and those pictures are so cute!

a corgi said...

I bet all enjoyed their time with Little Bear, including Little Bear getting to spend time with the special people in his life (and special dogs too). So neat you are close to Little Bear's family so he can spend time with you; great pictures!


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Thank woo fur sharing your khool and treat filled weekend!