Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mom’s Bad Day…

Mom hasn't had a good day today, so I've stayed pretty close to her all day. She thinks she ate something bad over the weekend, and had bad stomach cramps last night and this morning. I stayed beside her in the bed until she got up.

She started feeling better this afternoon and was able to keep down some Melaleuca tea and some whole grain toast. I lay beside her chair all afternoon until she went for a short time to the pool to do her walking. She didn't stay long, but the pool is closing in a couple of weeks and she didn't want to miss one of her last chances to walk even if she wasn't feeling totally up to par.

Then, a few minutes ago, she was walking, tripped on a throw-rug and fell down! We were all so worried! Sadie, BG and I rushed over to her to be sure that she was ok. Luckily, she fell onto the couch on her face, and doesn't seem to be hurt.

She stayed really still for a few minutes. She says she was doing a mental check to see if anything hurt (like her back mostly). She slowly turned around with great difficulty because she was in an awkward position at first, and came face to face with three very anxious looking faces. Sadie touched her with her nose on the knee, and looked into her eyes, then sat down and watched her.

BG had run over, too, and got up beside her on her left side and touched her with his nose on her thigh, and then looked into her eyes and stayed watching her.

I heaved myself up and hobbled over (I get pretty stiff at night) and licked her right calf and then laid my head on it, and looked her in the eye to be sure she was ok. I was so worried! She looked at me and got all teary eyed, and told me not to worry, she just loves me so much and was sorry she scared me enough to make me get up.

Several years ago, she had fallen outside late one evening when one of the horses stepped on her shoe and tripped her. THAT time, she had fallen on the metal grain bucket she was carrying and cracked a rib. I barked and barked to keep the horses away from her and to call for help (she asked me too). Finally, Robert came out and helped her up.

She was off work for a week, and was all bruised. She said, back then, that I was her hero for calling for help, and keeping me safe since the horses were anxious to eat and she couldn't move from where the grain had spilled and might have gotten stepped on.

Anyway, she might be a bit stiff tomorrow, but seems to be ok for now. I'm so glad the couch was there to catch most of her and break her fall. I love her so much, and she loves me, too! She petted me for several minutes while she checked herself out, before she wiggled around to where she could get up. (It's late, and everyone else had gone to bed.)

Oh, dear! While I was putting the stuff about her fall down, we all heard a HORRIBLE RUCKUS outside just outside of the front yard it sounded like! Sounded almost like a dog fight and then a horrible squally screamy sound and a big THUD! BG and I were inside with Mom, but Sadie wasn't anywhere.

Mom rushed in and got the flashlight, calling for Sadie all the time. She shone it outside the front door toward the front yard and found Sadie up against the corner of the fence by the wall looking out toward the front of the yard. She didn't want to come out, so Mom got the gun and went out the back yard and around the side to the front, slowly flashing the light all around. Sadie met them about half way around, but Mom went the rest of the way to check things out.

When BG came back (I couldn't move fast enough to go all the way with them) he said they didn't see anything, but Mom says she figures either a Bobcat or coyote had tried to get in and hit the hotwire we have on the fence for these kind of emergencies. She thinks Sadie was fussing at whatever it was and saw it hit the wire, which she knows is hot from experience, and it scared her so she stayed clear until she knew Mom was coming around. Mom did a quick check of the horses, and then we came in. I had gotten out into the back yard. Goodness! What a NIGHT!!
P.S. We'll finish our ocean post the next time....


Meg said...

Wow! what a story here. I'm really glad Mom is OK...back injuries are TERRIBLE. You pups were just the best to be right there for her and remind her how loved she is.

chicamom85 said...

Oh my heavens, I am so glad everyone is ok. Take care of Mom, I hope she is feeling better now. I am glad you were there to comfort her. I hope that scary thing outside doesn't come back ever.

licks and sniffs, Sasha

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Tank dog she has all of woo to keep ALL those eyes on her!

I hope she is feeling better NOW!


Martha said...

It's sure a good thing your mom has you to watch over her! I hope she is doing ok!

Mango said...

Oh my goodness, that was a scary post. First mom got sick, then she fell down, and then some wild animal tried to breach the perimeter. Man! How do you stand the excitment?


Dory's Backyard said...

OMG...what an exciting (and not in a good way) day!! Thanks goodness you all can take such good care of each other and Mom!


a corgi said...

oh Linda! I'm so sorry you have had a rough last few days! I hope you are feeling a bit better today and aren't really sore from your fall; I know sometimes the next day afterwards can be worse than at the time of the fall!

take care of yourself!


ocmist said...

Hi, all... Thanks for your well wishes! I'm pretty stiff today. We will elaborate at the beginning of the next blog. It was just so sweet to see how much the babies cared just as soon as it happened! Made my cry to see just how much they love me! Linda (OC's Mom)

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Linda..isn't it something how the dogkids come a runnin' if there's trouble, or noise, and they sense something is going on?
I just love 'em for being in tune with us as they are. Yours sure showed you some love, didn't they?
You're a true dogmomma.

ClassyChassy said...

Glad everyone is okay - what a day, eh? Such concerned doggies - and so hard to herd a human who is incapacitated on the ground! OUCH!

Twix said...

My goodness, OC! You all have had an exciting past couple of days. First the beach with the flashing lights, loud noises, and dead birds. And if that wasn't exciting enough your Mom had to throw in some more for you. You sure are good pups to take care of her like that and I know she appreciated it more than you will ever realize.
Oh! And I forgot...you got your first tastes of bully sticks! That was pretty exciting too! I love bully sticks. Not quite as much in my older days than I did a few years ago but they are still sooooo yummy.
You pups be sure and give your Mom lots of hugs, kisses, and cuddles today. That will help the soreness go away more than anything else! Maybe you shouldn't let her wonder around the house in the dark from now on ;o)
Love and hugs,

Cathy Santarsiero, "The Christmas Corgi" said...

Oh dear! Glad Mom is OK and that she has you to keep your watchful Corgi eyes on her. Hope she isn't too sore this week! Give her a big hug from me, will you? :)