Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sixth of Sixth Challenge

Grammy just remembered that we had a Sixth of Sixth Challenge… One of those things where you are supposed to look into your animal pics folder and choose the sixth folder and then the sixth picture in the folder… or something like that… and then tell about it.

Grammy is getting quite old and forgets things. This was a week or so ago and she apparently didn’t put it down anywhere about who it was that challenged us. She had a few ideas but when she tried to find it in our anipals blogs, she couldn’t. WE ARE SO SORRY!!! And apologize profusely, for her forgetfulness…. Bad, Grammy… BAD Grammy! Maybe we should get out the spray bottle…

Anyway, here is the picture that we came up with. It is a picture of BG and me when we were about 10 months old, laying on the couch. Note the gangly, adolescent-ness of us… Snicker… BG still hadn’t grown into his ears, and as I look closely, I guess I hadn’t either.

We look a bit different now, as you can see!

I’m sorry that I have been kind of dumpy lately. Just don’t seem to have a lot of energy. I think it is probably because of the high temperatures around here. We have had a horrible heat wave. I just feel weird! Some days I’m really hungry, and others I just don’t want to eat anything (unless it’s some really good meat or something from a people plate, of course)

Dad’s been really mean to me and won’t give me my cheese on my dinner lately because he thinks I might have been getting to much and got concentrated?… He’s always told me that I am “concentrated cuteness,” before, though, and still gave me my cheese! Maybe he said “con’s tent pated”… but that still doesn’t make any sense. AND… he has been following me around and not giving me any privacy when I need to go outside.

Normally, he has a weak stomach and throws up if he sees poop or anything else nasty smelling. I tell you… I’m really starting to worry about HIM! He’s hovering over me like a nervous Nelly!

P.S. We loved the sweet Thank You card that our friend, Sasha sent us!


Mango said...

Cute teenager picture.

Sorry about the cheese getting you concentrated. I never concentrate too hard, hurts my brain.


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Khute is khorrekht!

Mango is furry witty!

His brain works soooo well...he's not just a brawny boy!


a corgi said...

I liked the picture from when you were younger, so very cute!! this is soooo funny, but cheese works the opposite way on Koda. I have to be careful not to give him too much of it or he has the squirts as we call it.

hugs to you; it has been hot. We are having a few cool days and it has been nice and pleasant; hope you catch some of them too


^..^Corgidogmama said...

y'know, they DO love their cheese! does go straight to their butt, and causes either a stoppage problem, or a spreadage problem!
Cute pics as always. Their ears did seem huge when they were younger!!

Dory's Backyard said...

Ummm...good luck with your cheeses concentration. My brother gets this concentration too and Mommy and Daddy are always following him when he goes outside too....

Concentration is just bad!
Smileys Giggles,

ClassyChassy said...

Not growing into your ears?? Well, the ARE kind of large - but aren't they supposed to be??

chicamom85 said...

Do you have a spray bottle too?? I hate them, just the sight of it makes me shiver. Sometimes Mommy cuts back on my cheese rations too. I hope you get unconcentrated soon.
I am glad you liked my card.
licks and sniffs, Sasha

Meg said...

LOL! Peppy likes a little parmesean sprinkled on his food, and I don't think it causes "concentration."