Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Squirrel Patrol Continued…

Last time I left you in the middle of our evening squirrel patrol route, so let's get going and finish up the rest of it, Ok! Hope you are having fun!

We had made it to the ditch where there are some MAJOR squirrel condos that we have cleaned out with Mango’s help. We always double check them anyway to make sure no new rodent terrorists have decided to move back into them.

The ditch is pretty big, so we usually split up and do some recon, always ready to do backup if someone finds something and needs help.

After thoroughly checking the south end of the ditch, there is the hill…

Then back we come to check the north end of the ditch in the side pasture...

After that, we go through the fence into the front pasture and check the ditch and bushes there. By that time, it is starting to get dark, and Mom says we have to go in (coyotes, you know). Mama OC is pretty tired by then, so we slowly come in.

We do a last quick check of the tack room… never can tell if a fuzzie has come in from the other end while we were out in the field. Last time, we found a whole bunch of beetles… THAT was weird!

We come on in, get a drink, and flop in the front room for several minutes of panting.

This is our evening routine to be sure that the squirrel population keeps it’s distance! Hope you had a good time joining us for Squirrel Patrol.


Mango said...

Your estate certainly requires a lot of work to do a full patrol. Glad the Mango force field is holding up.


Meg said...

Poor little squirrels! You could make friends with them, you know! Then you could do more important things, like chasing cats!

a corgi said...

I did enjoy your reporting of squirrel patrol! what a big area you have to cover!!! thanks for sharing :)


Martha Basset said...

My goodness you are very thorough in covering your area - which looks huge!!
We hope the pesky squirrels have seen your very efficient tour of the perimeter and keep out!
Martha & Bailey xxxx
ps loved your little video clips!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...


I would sooooo love to go zooming on Skhwirrel Patrol!


chicamom85 said...

I for one, will sleep better tonight and thank you. I am concerned that as the summer comes to a close, the squirrels will try to regain some control for the Fall and impending Winter. Keep up the good work. My Mom wants to know if you saw Paul McCartney when you found those Beatles?
She is goofy so I try to humor her with these silly questions. You gotta love her.

licks and sniffs, Sasha

Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh what a wonderful adventure!
emmitt and i would like to hire you to do squirrel patrol over here!
m & e

Infrared Goggles said...

It's great to see Corgis being herding dogs, they look so happy! :)