Saturday, July 4, 2009

HE’S GONE!!!! NOOOoooo…

He’s gone! I can’t find Doug anywhere! I’ve looked and looked all day, and I can’t find him!!! What am I going to DOOooo?

My Dad put me out in the backyard, and then I heard him call my Lover Boy, the doors shut, the car started and then Papa let me in.

I ran all over the house looking for him! I ran in to Grammy and sniffed all over the bed and all over her. I could tell that she had been hugging him and that she was very sad and had been crying, and I got a HORRIBLE feeling…

I checked everywhere… Even Papa had hugged him, I think. I know that at least he had petted him. My Dad wasn’t anywhere to be found either for a couple of hours, and when he came back, I could tell HE had been holding Dougy, too. Then Dad told me that he’d taken Doug to Mom’s sister’s house because she had found an opening at the ASPCA in Bakersfield for him.

They were just to afraid that Mama OC would be hurt if he stayed around here. I repeat… WHAT am I going to DOOoooo!!! No one else around here understands that I NEED something only he could take care of! BG just growls at me when I try to tell him about it… Dumb, stupid, brother!

Mama growls at me, too, when I try to tell her about it! I think she misses him to, as she had started to dance a bit, in a limpy sort of way, when he came around her. I am so UPSET! Everyone else seems sort of sad, but also sort of relieved.

At least I wasn’t locked up all day like I have been for several days now… but I am still so DEPRESSED!!! All I have is my memories... Owwwooooo!

Note from Grammy: Good Bye, Dear Doug... We are praying that you find a wonderful forever home, Sweetie... :(

Note from Dott's Grammy: I was asked why OC and Dott haven’t been spayed… just as a question, not as a judgment, which I appreciate. Here is the answer I gave because I’m sure others of you wonder.
We live so far out here, there usually isn't any problem because we leave the girls out here when they are in.

OC, we had wanted to breed and I had people that waited several years for her to get pregnant, but she only came in once every 13 months and didn't take for the first 6 years. By the 7th year, I didn't think she COULD get pregnant... SURPRISE! She was so old and having hip and back problems after THAT time, that I was afraid they would hurt her more if they did try the surgery, and, like I said, I decided to just keep her out here after that.

Robert has been back and forth about breeding Dott and wasn't sure about using a chihuahua or a corgi (Chihuahua because she is so little, and he likes Chihuahuas, too.) It was almost like God sent this male at this time, though I didn't know she would come in, he wouldn't have been around if he'd left when he was supposed to, and she DID sneak out. She is the last chance of having our "line" of dogs continue. He says after she has one batch, he will get her fixed. We've always been blessed with finding good homes (lots of prayer) and we always keep in touch and will take a dog back if needed. That's how we ended up keeping BG (I wanted him from the first, but we only planned to keep one, then he came back and Bud passed) We had another of their brothers out here for a couple of months when his master lost her home... until she found another one. Anyway, that's our reasoning behind this...


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Paws khrossed fur Doug!

PeeEssWoo: Mom says tank woo fur answering the khwestion that was in her mind...

a corgi said...

you had me worried that Doug had run away; I'm glad that he is going to be somewhere safe where he can perhaps be adopted by a loving family. I respect your decision about not having the dogs "fixed" so to spea. You are responsible in it and making sure pups (if any) go to good homes. We had gone back and forth about Koda, whether to have him neutered or not, but we came to the conclusion that we were not sure how we could know where the pups would go if we bred him, so we elected to have him fixed.

enjoy your Fourth!


Alicia said...

Awww! At first I thought something bad happened!

It always takes me a minute to realize you're writing as if you were the dog! LOL!

Your posts are so cute!!!

chicamom85 said...

I am sorry about Doug, but now you can get out more and visit your family. I will pray and hope real hard that Doug is happy and that you are too.

Happy 4th of July
licks and sniffs, Sasha

ClassyChassy said...

Paws crossed for Douggie - hope he finds a loving family!