Thursday, July 9, 2009

OC's Family Album- Pups

In celebration of the pup's birthday, as I mentioned in our last blog, I thought I would post some family album pics today of them as they grew.

As has been mentioned before, I snuck out and ended up “with pup.” It turns out I had EIGHT, but only 5 survived. (The other 3 were girls, and were corgi marked black tri’s like my Mother, Mist) I, literally, drug the ground!

After a long labor, I had a chance to rest with my beautiful babies...

I didn’t have enough milk because I had been drained from having so many babies, so Mom helped by bottle feeding a little every 2-3 hours for the first 3 or 4 weeks.
Neither of us got a lot of sleep and she was glad that she was on summer vacation most of that time. Here is Dott at 2 days
& BG at 2 weeks old drinking from a puppy bottle.

Here are some pics of the pups at 3 weeks old:

Bear- now Ein,
Knight - now Zen

Little BG

Little Dott

and Bandit.

Here are pictures of Dott and BG, with me, at about 8 weeks old.
He went to live with Mom’s son for a few months after this.

Dott at 3 months…

5 months... notice those HUGE adolescent ears …..

Of course, THEY’ve never been spoiled… by anyone at THIS house... :)

And, here are some of their adult pics. We haven’t got pics of Bear, (now called Ein because he is “#1,” in his house). I just haven’t gotten pictures when I’ve been over there (keep forgetting the camera), though they’ve told us to come by anytime (they are great friends of ours, as are Bandit’s parents. He is Dott's size and BG's color, but with the slightly longer corgi hair.

Bandit with Dott... I have a prof. taken pic of him somewhere, and can't, for the life of me, find it to scan it today...

My handsome son, Knight (Now called Zen -

taken when he stayed with us a month or so about 7 mos. ago)...

My handsome son, BG...

And, my Beautiful Dotter...

Happy 3rd/21st Birthday, My Beautiful Pups!

Hope you enjoyed a look at our family Album! OC


ClassyChassy said...

Thanks for sharing those photos - an interesting look back in time! Hope everyone had a great big happy birthday!!! Best wishes for the coming year!

Angela said...

BOL!!! I have never seen a pregnant corgi! That is so wild that she had that many pups. You wouldn't think that corgi's wouldn't have that many at one time. They were sooo cute!

Thanks for sharing your pictures with us!


a corgi said...

I always wondered what a pregnant corgi would look like; Koda came from a litter of 9 and I think they all survived. amazing they have so many babies

what a devoted mom you were to bottle feed them too, Linda!

they are all so cute!


chicamom85 said...

Those are so cute, my Mom is having leaky eyes right now. She is going on and on about how cute you all are. Enough already Mom, look at me.

Anyway Happy Birthday my friends and many more.

licks and sniffs and hugs and love, Sasha

Jan Mader said...

Oh my goodness. I love the phots. I can't believe I haven't been here before, but I'm glad I got here now! I'll be following.

I'm down to two wonderful dogs right now. Sadly, my third dog, Kelly died a few weeks ago. You can read about him on my animal blog. Some days are still rough.

YOU HAVE HORSES TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I keep seeing adorable dogs on the blogs. I don't know if I'm going to stay at two or get another one. I ususally like to rescue.

I see a lot of corgi dogs at horse shows. Do you know why people who have horses have corgies? Just curious.

Your dogs are adorable...Can't wait to talk to you more...Jan