Monday, July 20, 2009

Oceano, Here We Come! Part 1

Corgi Country has been sweltering in temperatures around 105 degrees the past couple of days! Dad has come in from work with his work shirts white crusted with sweat. It’s been awful!

Dad decided that this weekend, we were going to the coast because it was only supposed to be in the low 60’s there. It was a Saturday, so that is a day that everyone sleeps in. We got up and had a good breakfast, and then we found out WE got mail!

We twitter under the username ocmist, and Dott has her own twitter under LittleDottBooks, and one of our twitter anipals, called BestBullySticks, had a give away of some samples of their Bully Sticks. We’ve heard of them from some of you, and so we asked for some and they got here Saturday morning!

You that have mentioned them are just SO RIGHT!!! They are wonderful! We thoroughly enjoyed our snack treat while waiting for Mom and Dad to get ready to leave! Yumm, Yummmm…!!!

We didn’t leave until around 1 in the afternoon, but once in the truck, it was COOOOOLLL! Dad’s truck has a wonderful air conditioner that will almost freeze you out no matter how hot it is outside. MUCH better than the old swamp cooler in the house! Two wonderful hours of riding in a nice cool truck being petted and loved on!!! THAT is the life!

Once we got to Arroyo Grande, we stopped at a MickyD’s to get US a double cheeseburger! Yum, yum, YUMMY! While they were there, Dad and Mom decided to have one too.

We drove on down to the beach, which was PACKED with cars, people, and dogs! I guess we weren’t the only ones wanting out of the heat!

It was COLD out there! They said it was in the low 60’s and it was overcast, foggy and there was a COLD breeze. It was NICE since we had our Corgi coats on… We had only been there a few minutes when several screaming trucks roared by, splashing water! They had pretty red, white and blue flashing lights on them, but the sounds they made about split our eardrums! There was a whole bunch of people gathered and the Rescue people (that’s what Mom called them… wonder if they save dogs?) jumped out and ran into the water with long red tubes.

They came back with someone (Mom says they must have been in trouble, so I wonder if they were doing bad things? Oh… no, Mom says they might have been drowning) and put blankets around the person, and the ambulance people checked them, but I guess they were ok, which is good. Mom had been praying for them. She didn’t want to bother anyone, so she only took a couple of pics from a little ways off. We stayed with Dad while she did that.

After things settled down, Mom took us, each, for a little walk around to sniff things out. I got to go first. I found a feather and Mom had me pick it up so she could look at it and show it to the pups when we got back to the truck. Trucks and cars kept coming by near us and distracted me a bit, and Mom was juggling a camera, the leash and trying to get the feather from me, so the vid is a bit jerky… sorry ‘bout that.

We homeschool the pups out here in Corgi Country, and try to find all kinds of things to teach them about… Mom and I let Dott examine the feather...

After that, BG checked it out...

When BG went on his walk, he saw a dead seagull that had gotten hit by one of those screaming trucks that went by so fast. At least he could see what happens if you don’t listen and get out in a “road” where those vehicles go. Poor gull...

Dott went for a little bit, but she didn’t like all the people, cars and that water that chases you, so she came back right away.

I hate it when Mom takes the pups and not me, even though I’ve had my turn, and I tell her in no uncertain terms that I should get to go too, even though it is really hard for me to walk on the sand. Finally, I got tired of yelling after her, (and Dad telling me to settle down) and so I just laid down on the sand and relaxed by Dad.

When she finished walking all three of us, we all sat by the truck and relaxed. Mom and Dad hadn’t brought any jackets, so after a while, they ended up wrapping themselves in towels, but they just sat out in their lawn chairs, listened to the waves, chilled out (literally), and watched the pellet cans. These are a bunch of weird birds that dive into water… I guess with a can… and catch fish!

This is getting to be pretty long, so I will finish telling you about the rest of our wonderful Saturday next time, ok?


ClassyChassy said...

What a fun day at the beach - Corgi-Style! The dead gull was MOST interesting!

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Glad you guys could beat the heat at the beach for a while. We took the dogs to the beach on Saturday and they had a grand time, but didn't find any dead gulls.

Dory's Backyard said...

I REALLY want my own beach where it is cool!!!
Sounds like a fun time!!!


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I khould hardly get passed the bullystikhks!

They looked inkhredible!

But the dead seagull has pawtential!


a corgi said...

glad you found a way to escape the heat! it has been hot down here too, but I guess that comes with summer :)

cute pictures of your adventure :)


chicamom85 said...

That was so cool. I loved watching all the videos. I am glad you cooled down. You look right at home on the beach.

licks and sniffs, SAsha