Monday, April 12, 2010

Date Night, Other News, and Miss Mercy Monday Mystery #4.5

OC: I don’t know how many of you get the follow-up comments from these blog posts, but this was one of them…

Bender’s Mom, Rachel, to Dott: If Dott doesn't have a date Bender would love to accompany her. He's never been on a real date and he's a little shy.

As Matriarch of the Country Corgi Crew, I wrote back to Bender’s Mom:

Letter to Bender’s Mom from Mama OC… My Dotter was totally excited about Bender's asking her for a date! She thinks he is a real hunk! She ran right away to talk to her Dad (Robert) about it. He told her that Bender looked like a nice guy, but that he'd better be a gentledog while around his Dotter, and that he would be waiting up after their date because he had to clean his gun that night... :o) (His brother says that’s what he’s going to tell his daughter’s boyfriends when she gets old enough to date…) He still remembers her "Date" with Doug and how we ended up with Pups....

Uh Oh... IF you are new this might be news to you, and now Dott's embarrassed and hopes Bender will still want to take her. She was very young and didn't know any better, and now she's been "sprayed" so isn't interested in that type of relationship anymore!

Not only did Dott get a date with Bender, but BG’s little Sweetie, one of the best dressed Doxie’s in Mexico, Lorenza, consented to be his date and so HE’s pretty happy too! They can hardly wait, and really want to thank Twix again for hosting this soirée! You can go HERE to find out more about Date Night at Twix’s!

We’ve also gotten so many new friends through GABE (the Global Animal Blogging Event) and have entered a bunch of their prize drawings. We have 17 people entered for our drawing already, too! If you haven’t entered our drawing yet, go HERE for our GABE post so you can add your comment to get a chance to win.

Meanwhile, Grammy is terribly excited because she got to go with Papa (we had to stay home… ) to a big Liquidation Sale (which means they sold things really cheap and NOT that they sold things to drink) and she got a new camera! It takes really great pictures and even when we are moving pretty fast, they aren’t blurry! That’s a GOOD thing around us, and she can hardly wait to get a chance to start posting some of her new pictures and take a LOT more!

She took a few pictures at the place they went to eat. We could hardly believe what we SAW!!! It was a place called “Coconut Joes” and there was a truck out front of it with a HUGE SHARK on it! Grammy says it wasn’t real, but those pictures…. I don’t know…

BG: Another thing that happened this weekend was that Grammy may have found a good, loving home for Poppi. He has gone for a visit to see how things work out. They really seem to like him, and his “Maybe Mom” wrote Grammy a couple of emails and sent us some pictures. They wanted a little dog that would be inside with them and liked to snuggle. They don’t have any other dogs now as their old one took the Rainbow bridge, and the last one they had was stolen, so their little daughter was pretty heart-broken. Poppi seems to be getting along with her really well, too, so far.

Grammy asked if we could post and the lady gave her permission. Here is the first email we got:

I just wanted to send you some photos. Poppi wouldn't get on the couch until about 5pm. He finally thought it was safe I guess. Attached are 2 pictures of him on the couch. The first one is him lounging with Hubby and Daughter, and the other one shows him asleep with Hubby. Poppi already loves the spoiling.

The second email said: Go ahead and post them! (In answer to Grammy’s question) He is taking to being spoiled! He even pushed me out of bed this morning so he could have my pillow! LOL He loves chasing the cat away and then he comes prancing over to us like he is the big dog in the neighborhood! LOL

Grammy is really happy about this, and we are, kind of, too. There was just to many of US and not enough hands to pet us all, so some of us got a bit jealous and there were a few … um… disagreements… shall we say. Gimli has a bite on his ear, Pippin has a big scab on his nose, Mercy has a small scratch under her eye, Poppi got a pretty bad cut under HIS eye, and Sadie got a bite on her leg. BG is limping on that hind leg again, and OC might have gotten bumped or something on her other eye. It was swollen the next day and has been running a bit like its irritated, though Grammy has checked it thoroughly and it’s not red and the swelling went down right away.

Poor Poppi didn’t start any of it. He just happened to be right where a couple of others were when Grammy moved her chair back and probably pinched someone, who yelped and then the fuss was on! Can we help it if we all like to gather around Grammy’s feet? Now, she’s making us all lay down in different areas and only one of us (OC or Gimli) gets to lay on her feet. She tries to have OC stay on one of the new doggy beds she got this weekend and puts close to her. She says it’s better for OC than laying on the hard wood floor anyway!

Mercy: And, last but not least… Here is my Miss Mercy Monday Mystery question: When you click the link to go to Twinkie’s GABE info, who’s blog is listed fourth. You can tell me the name of the Doggy, or the name of the blog.

The Mystery’s are posted on Monday afternoons, and the answers need to be in by Tuesday evening, before 9 p.m. PST. You have a little over 24 hours to figure out the mystery and write a comment with your answer on this blog.

Everyone who has the correct answer/s will be awarded a Miss Mercy Mystery badge (See the side bar), and have their name entered in the Corgi Toss that we will have at the end of MMMM #5. 

BG will choose the winner from all the names in that Corgi Toss, and they will receive their choice of either one of Little Dott’s Books, Little Dott Finds a Home (Click the title to read a preview of the first few pages)

OR a $20 Gift Certificate to our Country Corgi CafePress Store where you can pick from a BIG selection of designs and items. Here are just a couple…

Good luck everyone, and happy sleuthing!


Anonymous said...
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ocmist said...

This Miss Mayziegal is WAY TO QUICK for us! She got a comment on before I was able to switch to comment moderation so later commenters can't see the answers. I had to delete her comment, take out the answer, and I am reposting it here, because she DID get it right. Remember, though, EVERYONE who guesses correctly goes into the Corgi Toss, so please go ahead and give me an answer! And Congrats to Miss Mayzie because her name WILL be in the drawing!

Mayziegal said...
Am I first? Yippee! I'm Most Glad that Poppi seems to be loving his maybe new home. I thinks those peoples look and sound very nice! Paws crossed!

I'm oh-so-happy that Dott is excited about her date! Tell her I was a single mom, too, so I understands and it's nothin' to be ashamed of. But, likes her, my puppy-having days are behind me, thank dogness!

And Mercy - I thinks the answer is **** Does it matter that mom helped me a little bitty bit?

Wiggles & Wags,
April 12, 2010 2:11 PM

Martine said...

Dory!! Dory & bilbo's blog is listed 4th!!!

We sure hope Poppi gets to stay with that family, sounds like he is liking it!!

xo martine & the kiddlets

Rachel said...

We think the answer to MMMM is ... Dorys Backyard Blog!

Also, Bender is very excited for his date. He thinks Dott is really pretty. We've been working on manners and how to treat girls nicely. He has promised to be a perfect gentledog on their date.

Rachel and Bender

Chatty Crone said...

Just wanted to check in with you - and see how you are doing. I'm back and checking things out.


Lorenza said...

Wow! Lots of things on your post!
A new camera?? That is pawesome!
I am so ready for Date Night! BG... we are going to have a pawesome time!
Mercy Monday Mystery... Dory!
Kisses and hugs

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Lots of great news in this post!

Thanks fur sharing all of it!

#4 would be Dory !


^..^Corgidogmama said...

What a newsy post today. Lots going on! Your trip sure looked like fun, and how cool that you found a great camera!
Well, it'll be hard to have one of the pups leave the corgwn, but really, it's a good thing.
Dotter learned her lesson didn't she, she sure had a big litter!
Hugs to all.

That corgi :) said...

Dory's backyard blog was the name of the blog on the Gabe post (I think if I did this correctly)

glad Poppi found a new home (maybe); it sounds like a nice one

I would imagine it is a bit over run with dogs there, so glad that Poppi found a family that will spoil him (and sleeping on the bed and taking over the pillow seems like spoiling to me LOL :)


ocmist said...

So far, Candy, Captain & Martine from I Need a Sugar Fix, Rachel & Bender, Lorenza, Khyra, and Betty & Koda have answered correctly, and will be in the Corgi Toss. I will post their comments after 9 p.m. on Tuesday, and update if anyone else answers correctly before then… Congratulations to all who have answered correctly so far!

Dog Foster Mom said...

Oh, I think I know - its Dory's Backyard - with Dory and Bilbo!

I just found your blog and am really enjoying it! :-)

K9friend said...

It's hard to keep up with all that's happening in your world! I'm very glad to hear that little Poppi may have found a forever home.

Kari in WeHo said...

we love that you do so much follow up!

The Brown Recluse said...

My goodness, all this doggy dating!
I'm so happy Poppi found a home where he would be loved and spoiled, I know that puts everyone's mind at ease.