Monday, April 26, 2010

FINALLY! Miss Mercy Monday Mystery #5

Today I get to post Miss Mercy Monday Mystery #5! THIS is the one everyone has been waiting for because after we get the winners from THIS post, we will have the BIG Corgi Toss to find out who will win the GRAND PRIZE for this set of MMMM’s.

SO FAR, we have Mango with 1 chance, Betty and Koda with 2 chances, Rachel and Bender with 3 chances, and MayzieGal, Lorenza, Khyra, Dog Foster Mom, and Martine ( Candy & Captain) with one chance each. (By the way, congratulations Candy, Captain, Martine & Daddy on the new brother, Pierce, that was born this last week!) Here is the last MMMM Badge.

Let’s see who adds chances and/or new names to our list of winners this time, that will go into the Grand Prize Corgi Toss!

This weeks Miss Mercy Monday Mystery takes us back in time to January when my two brothers, and Uncle BG (Grandma OC was “gone” to Mango’s mansion as a Judge for Mango Minster 2010 remember or she would have gone too…) went on a BIG Road Trip. You can go to this ARCHIVE of our blog to sniff out the answers to these three questions. 

1. Where did we go: From **** to **** and back.
2. How long did the trip take: ** days
3. What kind of vehicle did we take? ****

AND to this other ARCHIVE for this final question. (I’m not making this one easy… ) 

4. What was the C-A-T’s name at our Auntie Rachael’s house? ***   (Hint if you don’t want to read the whole post, you can scan down to the picture of the C-A-T and read beside it for his name…)

Remember, the prizes are a Miss Mercy Winners Badge for this week’s winners, and the Grand Prize, picked from ALL the winners of the weekly Mysteries, will win EITHER a “Little Dott Finds A Home”  book written by Mama Dott and GrandPaw Robert, OR a $20 Gift Certificate to our Country Corgi CafePress Shop.

There are still designs from the Mango Minster 2010 Competitors. If you happened to have been one, you might want to choose something from there, and half of the profits from those sales go to NEADS.  NEADS trains service dogs, hearing dogs and other assistance dogs of all breeds, shapes, and sizes to help people who are deaf or in wheelchairs.

Good luck, Super Sleuths!!!

P.S. Remember that I have put comment moderation on during the 24 hours or so of this contest so no one will be able to see other people's answers.  The comments that are left will be posted Tuesday afternoon or evening.  You can leave your answers in a comment up until Tuesday at noon PST.


Rachel said...

1. Where did we go: From California to Florida and back.

2. How long did the trip take: 10 days

3. What kind of vehicle did we take? a HUGE truck

4. What was the C-A-T’s name at our Auntie Rachael’s house? Sam

Have a happy Monday and a great week!

Lots of Licks - Bender (and Rachel)

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

This is getting soooooo furry exciting!


Chatty Crone said...

Just checking in to say hello Linda.

"Hello Linda."


Lorenza said...

Let me see if I remember...
# 1. From California to Florida... and back.
# 2. 10 days
# 3. HUGE truck
# 4. Sam

Kisses and hugs

That corgi :) said...


1: Florida
2. 10 days
3. Big truck with a cab and 2 bunks and the corgis called it the Monster!
4. Sam

such a cute game you came up with Linda!


Dory and the Mama said...

Ok...Here is my try...

You went to Florida and Back

for TEN WHOLE, that is a lonnnggg time

and you went in the HUGE truck...

and you got to see SAM the kitty cat!

What a fun game this is!!


Mango said...

Oh so hard!
I think you went from CA to FL and it totally took ten whole days. I am not sure if you had a truck or a house on wheels. Uh oh. Then you met a cat named Sam! And another mystery cat whom you did not meet.

Gosh, this is hard.


K9friend said...

I will wait...and observe who wins this tricky bit of sleuthery.


Deborah said...

I'll wait too! This is way to sleuthy for me!
Have fun!

Toby- The dog with a blog said...

That sounds like fun, looks like I'm a little late though :(

Toby's Raiser