Friday, February 20, 2009

Catching up on Old Friends...

Now that it’s warmed up an extra 10 degrees the past couple of days, I’m feeling MUCH better… almost back to my old, bouncy self, in fact. Mom is having to be careful not to trip over me again, which seems to be making her happier too. That’s strange because she used to be upset when I was “in her way” all the time. Wish she’d make up her mind!!!

I’ve been having a blast catching up on my blogging buddies lives, too. As I mentioned before, I really enjoyed the Dog Blog Show that Mango put on to try to stem the tide of unfairness perpetrated by the Westminster Show. In reading their comments, I got to meet so many new dogs and go to their blogs to get to know them better. I think they did a real service to their readers, as well as giving us a lot enjoyment at
MangoMinster itself.

I must say, though, that I did sneak a peek at the Westminster Show just to get a chance to see
Hawk, the Swedish Vallhund. I am a fan of the Hawk, too, and loved getting to see him get an Award of Merit there. Congratulations, Hawk Team!!!

That Carly, pup, from
My Favorite People are Dogs, is a funny girl, and I’ve enjoyed her trying her hand at blogging lately… love the pics of her brother, Cooper, too. Don’t think I’ve caught her Boston brother’s name, yet. I follow another blog with a "Cooper" in it, though he isn't a corgi. His brother, Dozer, who IS a Corgi, does most of the blogging, actually, but I enjoy reading about their adventures, too, in Our Life: Dozer and Cooper. I don't know about that Dozer, though... a bit of a rebel, I think!

My Mom is really missing Betty’s blog at
A Corgi in Southern California, but understands that sometimes we need some time to recenter on the important things in this life. Cathy’s Christmas Corgi blog has had a ton of beautiful pics that we both enjoyed looking at, though Mom says she probably gained several pounds just looking at all the delicious looking food. We both really love the “Snow Angel Corgis” that Miss Bridget made.

Well, it's getting late, so I better close this for now. It's already the beginning of a new day, and time for my nice warm bed... Night, All!


^..^Corgidogmama said...

Love these pics...never get enough corgi!

a corgi said...

you are so sweet OC and Linda to miss me; I'm trying to get into the mood or mode to write again, but for the present time I've lost my desire to blog (strange isn't it?)actually I think it is answer to prayer, LOL, to spend more time with the Lord and less time on journals; I'll be back soon (I hope)

have a good weekend; always love to see pictures of my favorite corgi! (after Koda of course)