Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Betty Gave me a "C"

I read Betty's post on A Corgi in Southern California about a new game that's going around, and asked her for a letter.

Here are the rules she posted: Basically, you get assigned a letter and you write 10 things about what you love that start with that letter and then you ask if anyone wants to play along to leave a comment that they want a letter assigned to them. You write them an email, assign a letter to them, and then they do a post with 10 things they like starting with that letter.

She assigned me a "C", so here goes:

1. Christ: He is my Savior and Lord, and loved me enough to die and pay the price for my sin, so that I can get the free gift of eternal life... Thank you, Lord!

2. C******, my WONDERFUL husband! (His real name, not his call name...)

3. Children: I love them!!! That is why I worked with my "Special Angels" as an aide for Special Ed, and the severely handicapped for 18 years, and now love it when I get visit with them, or to play with my grandkids!!!

4. Corgis: Gee, Betty THAT was just to easy!!!!

5. Chorgis: I can handle Chihuahuas, but CHORGIS are a really great mix. BG and Dott are tops (after full Corgis, of course)

6. Chaps: Well, Corgis sort of have chaps on their little hind legs :)

7. Crochet: I like all kinds of needlework, actually, but this one starts with a C.

8. Chalk Drawing: I LOVE to work with Pastel Chalks in my artwork.

9. Chili: Especially my Mom's Chili Verde

10. Chinese Food: Orange Chicken, Broccoli Beef, etc.

Thanks for letting me play, Betty!!!


a corgi said...

thanks for playing Linda! of course I had to give you a "C" with our favorite corgis!!

great list!!!!


^..^ Corgi Dog Mama said...

Dang....that was a pretty good list of C thingies.
Hope all is your doggies.