Thursday, February 26, 2009

Praise God, Mom found it!

Mom was REALLY happy this morning! She was going around praising God A LOT… She has been looking for a Money Order for over $300 that had been misplaced several days ago, and since it was to pay for health insurance and was due by tomorrow, she was getting a bit stressed. She kept praying and telling God she knew that He would help her find it because she knows that He is the one that provided the insurance for her in the first place, but she had about cleaned the whole front room and hadn’t been able to find it all week.

Robert kept saying that he was SURE he had given it to her, but she couldn’t remember that. Today, she started looking in the old envelope that he had put all the receipts for bills he’d taken care of the day he got the Money Order, and THERE IT WAS! She was SO THANKFUL!!!

She got some other paperwork for her retirement together, and went with Robert to the big city. It is called Bakersfield, and they had to drive an hour to get there… AND they didn’t take ME! They said that it was business and I would have had to spend a lot of time in the car, and I really hate that. Still, I hate it when they leave me behind, too. I could have guarded the car or something.

Mom did a lot of mumbling when she got back about cities, and road makers following drunken mice around mazes, and putting on blindfolds and then pointing at maps to decide which roads should be one way roads, etc. I gathered she wasn’t happy trying to find a “Hall of Records” and parking spaces near it so she could prove she’s been married to Dad for over 33 years. She hates cities anyway. She says she told Dad she would follow him anywhere EXCEPT a big city, before they got married. She only goes when it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY!

At least she got home safe this evening and we all greeted her and welcomed her back until she begged for mercy… something about needing hearing aids soon?

PS... I guess God knew she needed to work on the house cause she just found out tonight, that her sister, that she hasn't seen in over a year, is coming this weekend... She says there's always a reason for what God does when we are trying to put Him first...


^..^Corgidogmama said...

Miracles happen every day!
I feel the same about big cities.
They are evil, and always a headache!
Now that the barkies are over...briefly I'm sure, you can all enjoy your weekend company.

Infrared Goggles said...

Glad you found the money order, losing something like that is the worst feeling! Like you, I pray hard before, and praise hard after. It works! PTL & TGIF!

a corgi said...

thanking the Lord you found the money order! I have prayed for him to help me find things too and he always helps me and guides me to where they are! OC, I'm sorry you couldn't go to Bakersfield; I know you would have enjoyed the car trip

have a good weekend