Monday, February 16, 2009


Things are starting to get back to normal around here. Mom’s not been feeling really well because she caught some kind of bug while she was gone, and then got a bad kink in her neck last week, but she is finally starting to feel better I guess, because today she started doing a lot of catch up cleaning around the house.

This is a good thing for us because with her bad back, she relies a lot on us which means lots of jerky snacks being handed out. It was a lot of fun for awhile… UNTIL, she brought out that loud, scary, home-wrecking, dust bunny-eating machine she uses. I attacked it as usual, of course, which BG helped me with.

I can’t seem to convince Mom that it is a dangerous monster, but if you get too close to it, it will suck the air right out of you! (I know because I snuck up on it once, when I was little and she had put it down to do something else for a minute.) She does seem to do a pretty good job of keeping it under control, though now.

That machine really SUCKS! The poor old Daddy Long-legs didn’t have a chance!!! They must have thought a tornado or a black hole had hit. That noisy tube just wiped out bunches of their homes. Since she’s been gone for so long, they really had a chance to get a big old city goin’, but I guess it didn’t do them much good, because yell and bounce as they did, that deafening contraption slurped 'em right up.

And that whole herd of dust bunnies we had been cultivating… they didn’t have any better luck than those poor Daddy Long-legs did. That is going to take down a lot of chances for Sadie to earn jerky. (Awwww… poor Sadie… snicker…) She could always count on them as a backup source of “work.” Personally, I don’t like to herd dust bunnies, “cauth they thtick on the tongue,” if you know what I mean. Mom’s always saying she’s afraid Sadie’s going to get a hairball like a cat, the suck-up….

I don’t think Dott was too happy with the situation because she doesn’t “DO” work. SHE is the “Princess” around here, and today was a work day. Mom was nice though, and did give her a couple of chances to “look cute” by doing some of her tricks, so she did get some snacks, but, over all, she ended up pouting in her recliner a lot of the time because her Master didn’t take her either, when he went into town.

It rained all day, too, so she couldn’t go outside much. She did get to go out on a road trip with her Master, Papa and BG. They had to go dump some straw bales the church had used in the Christmas Parade, and like I said, it rained all day, so they "HAD" to take the 4-wheel drive truck out on the muddy back roads to do it. She came back and said that there were COWS out there and she and BG got to "Tell them," so I guess the day wasn't ALL bad for her.


a corgi said...

OC, Koda doesn't like that dust sucking monster either!! I'm sorry Linda's not been feeling good; hope you get better soon!


^..^ Corgi Dog Mama said...

What is it with sweepers and doggies? They hate each other!! Glad your Mom is back, but sorry to hear that she's hurting! You kids be good, and try to help. Our girl corgi is always licking the rugs, cleaning up. She always has a lot of hair in her poops. We tell her that Mommie cleans, but it just isn't up to her standards, apparently!

Leslie Moore said...

What cute dogs you have, Linda, and what great pictures you take of them! Take care of that bad back. In fact, I'd ignore the dust bunnies till it gets better.