Wednesday, February 4, 2009

There's Something in the Air... and it's NOT Sadie

There is something in the air around here... and it's NOT Sadie! She's not caught any squirrels lately.

It's sort of a feeling of expectancy. Dad is getting excited and said something about a roadtrip on Friday. I've heard rumors that it is to the Airport. Do you think maybe Mom is FINALLY coming home?!!

Robert got the waterline fixed today and said something about "Now Mom will have hot water when she gets back..." under his breath. (These big old corgi ears aren't just for show....)

Boy, I BETTER get to go THIS TIME!!! BG will probably go, since he is Dad's boy, but I doubt Robert will let his Dotter go on an all day trip... unless he comes too.

Dad talked to her this evening and told Robert that she says the girls are all getting back to their jobs, and things have settled as well as can be expected where she is at... Of course, they will have a lot of hills and valleys to go through to get out of the "Valley of the Shadow"but she knows that with God's help, they will make it through, and she is really proud of them all. She will keep praying for them and hopes her prayer partners will as well.

Friday... That's the day after tomorrow... what if it's true?!!! I can hardly wait to see... Don't think I can take another disappointment... She'll come home... I KNOW she will...

P.S. Did you all see Hawk from Hawk the Swedish Vallhund on the Animal Planet Eukanuba Dog Show... I'm a Hawk fan and he's a HUNK! (I wasn't unhappy, though, that a Pembroke took the Best of Herding Group...) Good luck at Westminster, Hawk!!!


^..^ Corgi Dog Mama said...

These photos the past few days have just touched my heart! They are all so sweet, and go perfectly with the dialogue of the entries.
Anticipation is in the air, the dog kids will be so happy, and so will hubby, to have you back home. It's been tough on your family, but God will watch over everyone as they get on with their lives. Have a safe trip home, what a chorus of happy barkers when they see you!

a corgi said...

I'm so glad Mom is coming home!! tomorrow is the day!!!